The Importance of White Space in Web Design

Most of the designers emphasize the value of the content on their website. However, if we need to know the real need, it will be the users’ ease to consume that content. We should know how much of the data is being consumed, and that too, without much of a cognitive load.

But, for a website, or an app, multiple visual elements make up the layout. Some of them are structural typography, media, and icons. Another one of them is ‘white space,’ and it is equally vital.

Whitespace Explained

In simplest terms, it is an unmarked space in the design. Any space that you see between paragraphs, lines of paragraphs, different UI elements, and so on is the white space. However, white space does not always mean an empty space with white background. It can be of any color, pattern, or can be a background image.

white space in web design

Why is it Important?

Designers implement all these things to improve the usability and functionality of a site. The better the user experience, the better will be the business. And that is what they actually work for; business enhancement.

Let us discuss as to why white space must be used to increase the business leads.

Attention and Focus

To grow business online, a website must be entire user-friendly. If you use the vast spaces between layout and its elements, it becomes easier for the users to move through the page. It helps build focal points which direct the users’ attention to specific layout parts.

Improves Interaction Rate

Communication, at any level and medium, is never one way. White space helps a lot in creating communication lines between the users and the design. In simple words, the use of white space lets users know the purpose of the page. And being a designer, it is your responsibility to make it happen.

Improves Comprehension

There’s no real use of high-quality, unique content if all it does is to strain the users’ eyes. A user only stays on a page when he can comprehend the content of the page. And that is where whitespace comes into play. It improves the comprehension of a web page significantly.

web design


White space is not be confused with an empty space. It is a more robust tool for the designers which help them achieve their priority goals. However, it takes a lot of time and practice to maintain a perfect level of white space in the design composition.

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