Top Development Tools That May Change Your Life

JavaScript does not work for large web applications as refactoring does not work for it; neither it identifies the type of a variable- says every JavaScript developer.

When programming language came into recognition, there were only some specific browsers that worked for them. Moreover, no one thought that an application could be made from them. However, as the time went on, the dev tools and language made one of the best ecosystem ever.

There were static language, dynamic language and what not! However, to break through them, here are some DEV tools that may change your life.

Development Tools

The Docker Tool

Docker is known as the building block of almost every modern cloud system. It is light in weight and works for immutable and virtualization applications. Moreover, with the docker, you get the same environment every time you run an application. You can also run it –

  • To test new products.
  • Introduce the external dependencies.
  • Solve the Python environment issues.

Trace GL

It is a run time debugging tool that lets you observe the function calls occurring in software that too in real time.

Use Jq-process JSON’s

So, whenever you call the API with the curl, here is how you might have done it-

curl -X GET, and this is the kind of output that you might have achieved-

{“month”: “7”, “num”: 614, “link”: “”, “year”: “2009”, “news”: “”, “safe_title”: “Woodpecker”, “transcript”: “[[A man with a woman are standing on a boardwalk]]\nMan: A woodpecker!\n<<Pop pop pop>>\n

But whenever you do with jq, the command will look like this

curl -X GET | jq, the results look a lot better-


“month”: “7”,

“num”: 614,

“link”: “”,

“year”: “2009”,

“news”: “”,

“safe_title”: “Woodpecker”,

“transcript”: “[[A man with a woman are standing on a boardwal]]

“alt”: “If you don’t have an extension cord I can get that too. Because we’re friends! Right?”,

“img”: ““,

“title”: “Woodpecker”,

“day”: “24”


 Development Tools


ESLint is by far the best linter that can work for almost any language. It is better than the JSLint and allows you to-

  • Enable and disable the options.
  • Create your own rules.
  • Use different plug-ins in various environments.

Text Manipulation Commands

The commands we use gives out the output texts, but here are few ways how you can get an output-

  • Grep Command
  • Tail
  • VIM
  • Bat

So, if you are also trying to master development, you can use the above Dev tools or use the tools like SiteSonic that offer you ready to use templates, editing features and more to develop a website seamlessly. SiteSonic is free, easy,  effortless and is made by the developers for developers.

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