Master CTAs With These Time-Tested Tips

When people visit your website, you expect them to take action.

You want them to shop at your store, share your blog post, or sign up for your newsletters.

But how do you achieve that?

Encouraging your visitors to take the desired action on your website is challenging unless you have an impressive and compelling call-to-action button.

Here are some proven tips for CTA button for your web pages for a high conversion rate.

Write CTA Button in First Person

Use possessive determiners, like my, his, her, your, our, its, and their, on your CTA button. Consider the following example:

Tips for CTA


Treatment B, which uses ‘MY’ on its CTA button, generated 24 percent higher results with 98 percent confidence.

Writing using possessive determiners helps your potential clients visualize the action they’re going to take. This tactic is highly effective when creating high-conversion landing pages.

Pay Attention To Design

CTA is an important part of your landing pages. So, make sure it stands out among the other elements on your page. Place it alone and prominently on the page.

People click CTAs if they are obvious clickable and point to something relevant to your website visitors.

Create Urgency

Creating urgency on your CTA buttons helps convert your visitors into your customers. Convey a message with your CTA button text that they’ll miss an opportunity if they don’t click the button.

Convince them that the time is running out and delaying would result in missed opportunities.

The best way to create urgency is to show an introductory price and mention that this low price is only for a limited period. Use words like ‘now’, ‘immediately’, or ‘today’ to add a sense of urgency.

Be Clear

CTA should be abundantly clear in conveying what will happen if someone clicks the button. Does the button lead to a payment page? Does it take your visitors on the ‘deal’ page?

Tips for CTA


Surround With White Space

One of the best ways to win your visitors’ attention with your CTA is to surround it with white space. It will inevitably grab people’s attention to it because there are no distracting elements around it.

Utilize Buzz Words

Appeal to laziness, greed and frugality.

Ideal words for laziness – Now, today, quickly, easily, simply, effortlessly

Best words for greed – Smarter, more handsome, wealthier, more beautiful, happier, slimmer, stronger

Ideal words for fragility – Free, affordable, inexpensive, at no cost, for the low price of, for just…

Make It Feel Like An Actual Button

Your CTA button should look like an actual button. Surround it with a border so that it doesn’t appear like a blob in the image.

Create a 3D effect to make it feel like jumping off the page and ready to be clicked. Shade the top and edges of the button.

Final Words

Creating a persuasive call-to-action button takes your creativity and time. It should be simple, clickable and convincing to your website visitors.

That being said, make sure you practice to make your CTAs perfect. Stay experimental and work best for your target audience.

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