Why Designers Must Not Use Dark UI/UX Patterns

Companies maximize their profits through dark patterns on their site. These patterns force users into doing something that they do not want to do. In plain words, they mislead the users. Although the dark patterns are meant to deceive the most vulnerable, they are spoiling web for everyone.

Dark Patterns in UX Design

The dark patterns have many types, and most of them are not even recognizable for the users. This is the reason the designers can comfortably trick the users into performing actions that are of no use for them.

Influencing vs. Tricking

Being a UI/UX designer, you must be well aware of the difference between these two. The core objective of a UX designer is to create a seamless experience for the users.

Ethical tricks keep it more accessible for the users to browse the web, but designers want to earn money by any means. Although most of the internet users stay cautious, some are unaware of the tricks that lead them into losing their identity and data in the hands of cybercriminals.

You must understand that influencing a customer through ethical means keeps him satisfied. However, if you mislead him into taking an action that he does not desire, you are running his experience.

Dark Patterns are not actually beneficial

Even though companies earn a lot of profit through them, they are not as helpful as being projected. You might trick a user into performing an undesirable activity for once, but that’s all. They are all short-term gains that you can expect.

Such is the case because it results in a decreased user trust over time and the companies lose their audience at a much greater extent. You lose the qualitative metrics concerning credibility and trust.

UX Designer

The point here is simple; you gain short-term numbers and come down quickly. If you write the ethical code, you may not get significant results in the beginning, but your base will be much stronger than the wrong ones.


One who is looking forward to building a brand must know that the structure begins with trust and credibility. A website gains more users when it provides a great user experience with the most relevant content.

Creation takes a lot of time, but losing it all takes nothing. So, you should take an ethical approach when building a business on the internet. One single mistake to make more money can cause ten times more damage in the end.