Static and Dynamic Websites- What’s the Difference?

The entire internet is full of websites. While some of them are static, the others ones are dynamic. These are two different kinds of sites with some remarkable differences.  Static and dynamic websites are unique in their own ways.

It takes lesser effort to create a static site, as it needs no custom coding and databases. On the other hand, a dynamic site displays different content using the same source code.

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Keep reading the article to understand the difference between static and dynamic websites. It will help you understand which one to use for your project as well.

Coding difference between Static and Dynamic Websites


To write a static website, you don’t need any special software. All you need is knowledge of programming languages like HTML and CSS. Even a programmer who is not so much technically sound can code a static site. It just is a collection of text and some multimedia files.


Unlike static ones, dynamic websites let users interact with them. They are not limited to the reading purpose only. In these websites, the content can be changed even when they are running on a client’s system. To make it happen, developers use languages like PHP, Asp.NET, and JSP, etc.

The difference in their Flexibility


This is the parameter where static websites have the upper hand. They are more flexible because, for static sites, designers have the liberty to create and edit separate pages differently.


Dynamic websites, on the other hand, are way less flexible than static sites. This is because their prime focus is to deliver interactive features and a unique combination of dynamic content. These aspects can only be achieved through high-end web servers.

Content in Static and Dynamic Websites


In the case of static websites, every user is fed with the same content. This is because the server delivers the same HTML file to every user. It only changes when the developer changes it on the backend.


The content served to the users on dynamic sites depends on his request. It is as the real-time content transformation for every visitor according to his needs. The best part is that any non-technical person can change the content for dynamic sites as well.

static and dynamic websites


Dynamic websites are a lot more sophisticated than the static ones. It is far easier to manage the data on dynamic sites. However, to create a static website, you don’t have to invest a lot of time. You can even use some of the content management systems like SiteSonic for that matter. Choose the type of website according to the niche and target audience. Keep the differences in your mind and do consider them before you start to code.

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