Software Designs Anti-Patterns That You Need To Know About!

There is no denying that good and efficient software design is important for making a scalable software system.

We know that developing software is no easy feat; so a good design gives a proper structure and lets you move in a proper direction. The approaches driven by design are quite effective, but there are chances when you understate a project by using some counterproductive techniques or anti-patterns.

But what is an anti-pattern? According to Wikipedia, it is a solution a problem that is ineffective and comes with the risks of being counterproductive.

So, if you are designing software, here are the anti-patterns that you need to know about—

Software designs

Making Your In-House Generic Framework

There are many developers who want to create their own build and make a framework from scratch. Some of them even make libraries using threading, scheduling, and data structures, while some start to use hashing and more.

But do you really think that you will do a better job than the one who is already working in the top-notch and high-end technologies? The best approach is to take help from a professional and avoid this anti-pattern.

Usage Of Numerous Instance Variable In Java

One of the anti-patterns that are used by the software designers is the usage of some instance variables. But what happens when you follow this approach?

Your every variable will lack unit testing from the core.

To avoid this anti-pattern, make sure that you use less instance variables so that each one of them can be tested individually.

Software Designs

Introduction of The Blob

The Blob occurs during a software design part when an object with a massive share of tasks tries to execute the simple processes.

Whenever you are designing software, make sure that there are no blobs in it. Instead, refactor the entire process and distribute the changes by isolating its overall effect.

Availability Of Dead Code

As you start designing the code, there are instances when the forgotten design parts, i.e. dead code are left in it.

This code starts to accumulate and then leads to becoming dead code. To prevent the dead code, use the refactoring procedure that will eliminate the code and will give you a highly optimized structure.

Bottom Line

Whether you are going for a website designing or developing one, make sure you avoid the above anti-patterns. You can also use the tools like SiteSonic that allow you to launch a hassle free website will ready to use templates and more.

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