Projects You Can Develop With Python Bottle!

Python Bottle is a WSGI micro web framework that is specifically used for the Python programming language. It is known to run with two versions of Python including- Python 2.5+ and 3.x.

This framework is designed to be simple, fast, lightweight, and is used as a single file module with no other dependencies. It features a built-in template engine and can also run as a standalone server as well.

Python Bottle also works as a plug-in for various databases and also stores key value for the same.

Moreover, it works as the best approach for the various API and web development solutions. Here are the projects that can be developed using Python Bottle-

Python bottle

Prototyping Projects

Did you know that prototyping ideas are easier when done with the Python Bottle? Why?

There are frameworks that come with the model view template structure and have a lot of boilerplate code within them. Although, the make the project easier, but take a significant effort initially as the apps long-term code structure is dependent on it.

Small or Personal Projects

Python Bottle can be used for the small projects as by using a bottle. Py, you can skip some steps or simply pack your source code.

Whereas, when you use other development languages, all you spend your time is working in and out with the procedural steps.

Projects That Require Web Frameworks

The bottle comes with very light-weight source code. It has a single source file that is named as

So, whether you are new to the framework or are trying to learn about same, go for Python bottle. As you will have only one file to deal with throughout the process.

How to Start Working With Python Bottle?

  • Download it on your local machine.
  • Work through the various tutorials.
  • Start to code and then move to the deployment section for the results.

Tip: If you are working with the Plug-in Python Bottle, use ‘pip search bottle’, and it will show you all the plug-ins in one go.

While some of the frameworks try to provide everything that a user wants to use Python Bottle works on the core and help you to develop applications quickly. So, whether you want to make a website or figuring out a quick way to do that, turn to Python Bottle.

You can also refer to the tools like SiteSonic as it helps you launch a hassle-free website with ready to edit templates, sync feature, and more.

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