6 Cross Browser Extensions that Web Developers Can Use

Although users prefer other browsers over Firefox in their day to day life, more developers use it to execute their codes. However, many of them use Chrome, Chromium, and Edge as well. For this simple reason, there is a need of the cross-browser extensions.

browser extensions

These add-ons and extensions help web developers improve their productivity. Let us have discuss in brief about 5 most famous and effective extensions that developers can add to their browsers.


WebDeveloper is undoubtedly the most popular extension among the web developers. It provides them with some useful features like editing and debugging tools. With this extension, developers can add outlines to the elements through clicking only. Also, you can find every broken image on the page as well.

X-Ray Goggles

This one is a bookmarklet and not an extension. It is designed and developed by Mozilla but works absolutely perfect with Chrome as well. You can use it to edit the code of a page by just clicking on the bookmark. But, before you use it, you need to enable the visibility of the bookmarks bar, and then drag and drop its download link into the bookmarks bar.


To know what technologies have been used on a site, you can use the Wappalyzer cross browser extension. It gives you the information about web frameworks, content management systems like SiteSonic, server software, ecommerce platforms, and many other things. Since it is written in JavaScript, you can use it on any operating system which used Node.js.

Bootstrap Responsive Helper

This extension is quite simple and helps you to understand the functioning of your breakpoints. You can also use it to see the current mode of the bootstrap level. Responsive helper utility allows the web browsers to determine the dimensions of videos and slideshows according to the width of the block that contains them. If you work in bootstrap, you’ll need to use this extension to improve your productivity.

web development


It is helpful for every web developer and graphic designer out there, as it allows you to measure the distance between two points on a webpage by nothing more sophisticated than the zooming feature. It assists you with color related tasks on a web page.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

For the design and development of a new site, you need some dummy text on it. This is because you need to have an idea of the number of paragraphs on the page, and the number of sentences in every paragraph as well. The best part about Lorem Ipsum generator is that it is exceptionally fast, and is available in the current tab of the web browser that you use for the purpose.

Tips to create Effective Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing has gradually become a common way to earn money by sharing the affiliate links. Through these links, online marketers promote someone else’s products through an affiliate network.

affiliate links

You get money in the form of commission once a user makes a purchase through your link. It is for those who do not have a product of their own and still want to sell goods.

Well, it sounds way more comfortable than it is. You have to comply with quite some tips to create useful affiliate links. Here you have the list of such tips.

Concentrate on Research

To learn something new, you need to go deep into the murky waters of that subject. Research is the first pillar to get started with a task. Here, in this case, research means to understand the affiliate ads on the internet. It helps you stay aware of the trends and activities that other marketers use.

Keep the Error 404 Away

Look at it from a user’s perspective. Imagine clicking on a link to purchase an item just to see ‘the page you want to see does not exist.’ You would straightaway lose the trust for the source, and will probably never open it in the future. Now, look at it from a marketer’s vision. Now, you know how disastrous it can be for your anonymous image in the eyes of users. But, you don’t have to check every single link by clicking on it. The best way to do it is to use Check my Links and other such chrome extensions.

affiliate linking

Write Guest Blogs for Affiliate Links

Always keep it in your mind that guest blogs don’t generate any productivity until they are highly informative. If the only goal of your blog is to have a link, people might not even consider reading it in the first place, let alone clicking on the link. So, write guest blogs, but with a clear strategy.

No Bad Links Please

Search engines don’t like it when you promote the irrelevant links on your blog. Try to keep as much content and links favourable as you can. Not just the search engines, but the users don’t find the irrelevant content useful as well. The more you keep it relevant, the more you will be able to convert the traffic into leads. After all, it is about the trust that you need to build in your readers’ mind for your brand.

Are you a Web Developer? Here’s What You Should Know About SEO

It is a fact that SEO does not interest most of the developers out there. And it is inherently challenging to convince them to learn at least the basics of it. How well can a robot understand the content on a site decides its readability for us humans.


Through this post, you will come to know the fundamentals and all such things about SEO that every web developer must know.

Loading Time

For once, don’t think as a developer. Imagine looking for some information online and confronting a site that takes forever to load. You may now have the idea why it is crucial to building a site with small yet high-quality assets. Also, not everyone is going to access it on a broadband connection. If it takes several cycles to execute the page, mobile internet users might have no option but to leave the site. From the SEO’s point of view, it turns out that site speed is one of the factors that major search engines look out for in a site.

Status Codes

As a web developer, you should always return the correct code from your server after a user requests for it. These codes that you return are known as status codes. They are crucial for SEO purpose as they let the search engines know what to do. For any HTTP request, 200 must be the standard response. Not just search engines, but the browsers, plugins and other sites observe the code you return as well.

Structure of the URL

Now, it takes a little bit more technical understanding to get the structure of the URL right. It is what you see in the address bar on a particular page of the site. They must be logical and meaningful for the users. When on the internet, most of it is about ranking. And it improves when you have the relevant keywords on the page, and the link. People will most likely click on the ones that make sense to them.


Semantic Markup for SEO

Before anyone else, search engines need to understand the meaning of content on your page. And that is what semantic markup is for. Now, what does it do? Well, apparently, a good SEO depends on how well the search engines understand your content. When a page has multiple subheading and paragraphs on it, search engines can parse the longer articles more quickly. It’s an easy way to group and link the content on a webpage.


You might even forget about some of the pages on your site, but hundreds of other websites exist that may find them and link them to their articles. As for SEO, redirects are inherently great because they are heavily used when the content is moved between multiple domains. Error 404 is the one which makes it easier for the readers to decide that they are not going to shift between the links.

5 Things You should do Before You Hire a Web Developer

A web developer can be the most critical hire for your company. This is because he is the one who will create a platform for the people to communicate with you on the internet. It is undoubtedly the most challenging thing for every firm to hire web developer. It takes time, and sometimes it is not even worth.

web developer

The odds are that it can be disastrous if you don’t pick up the right one in the first attempt. You may end up wasting your precious time and money. However, if you keep these things in mind, you will most likely make an excellent choice.

Know the Website Goals

Before hiring a developer, you should understand the intended goals of your site. Whether the website is to sell products online or is it about giving information to the users? Needs are the one that decide the results. If you try to find one on the internet, you may be able to understand your requirements better.

Aptitude is better than Experience

Every one of us has to start our careers from scratch. Sometimes, experience is less important than problem-solving skills. If one has the knowledge of a subject and has the skills required to solve problems, that person can be the right choice for a company. Not just for web development, but it goes for pretty much every field.

Decide the Budget

Decide it, but don’t stick to it. Yes, that’s correct. Developing a website almost always takes more than you anticipate. So, there’s no need to worry if it takes some extra bucks to do it. But, it is crucial to set a benchmark.

web development

Never ask the Trivia Questions

The technical questions might be able to tell the smartness of a candidate, but, practically, they hold no importance. Passion to work on a project and complete it in time is more crucial than just vague questions that determine nothing. You can ask them real-time questions instead. That helps understand the real caliber of the candidates.

Begin with the Small Projects

Don’t go too fast after hiring a developer; you may fall off. Let him work on small projects. This will show you his real potential in doing the stuff. One can crack interviews, but to finishing off the projects takes the real effort. You don’t have to hand over the critical projects to a newbie. Just let him learn and prove his caliber for the sake.

Bottom Line

Although it is essential to hire a web developer, you can do it by yourself. If you have a little programming knowledge, you can do it with one of the content management systems like SiteSonic. To use them, you just have to drag and drop the objects and choose from the built-in themes.

The Impact of Micro-Moments on UX Design

Consumers and brands communicate with each other frequently. Brands attract them on social media posts, online shopping sites, and at many other places. The evolvement of technology gave birth to the UX design to garner users’ attention. Micro-moments are one among those things that influence the behavior of users.


Before we know the impacts of micro-moments on UX design, it is crucial to understand the concept.

The term was first by technology giant Google, which explains the four methods;

I want to know, moments, I want to go moments, I want to do moments, I want to buy moments.

Let us have a look at their impacts on the digital marketing world.

Micro-Moments improve the user experience and conversions in quite a lot of ways.

Enhances the Entertainment: 

Previously, UX Designers did not understand the value of entertainment. But, users stay engaged on the pages that have some sort of entertainment for them. The effects that a user experiences when he enters a new page on the site keeps him engaged.

Micro-Moments Pay attention to the Trend:

When designing a site, you need to look at what others do as well. A lot of designers take advantage of micro-moments. Trends are the ones that become the standard rules one day.

Adopts the Mobile first Mentality:

People now use their mobile phones for every single thing. A website that does not run on mobile devices will likely encounter a negative trend in its analytics.

Controls the users’ behavior:

You don’t have to relate micro-moments to the dark patterns. Although they get the users to complete what they want, these two are entirely different. Unlike dark patterns, micro-moments attract people into doing what the site owners want.

micro-moments web designing

Micro-moments are quite helpful for the businesses in achieving their goals. Irrespective of their small size in reference to the technology, they produce significant results.

Transformation is one of the key things in web designing. To enhance the user experience, designers always need to learn and implement new ideas every time. It’s more of a psychological challenge than a technical one. Every minute thing that a designer introduces to a site brings along a number of significant changes.


Google emphasizes on the application of micro-moments on mobile design. However, the best practice is to do it for every user. Designers need to work hard to understand the future journey and design principles to drive more and more engagement of the users, and eventually the conversion.

CSS Flexbox vs Grid- What Should You Use?

These two are the web layout technologies popular with almost every web developer. Until the introduction of CSS grid, flexbox was the only one in the game. However, the statistics keep on changing with the time. Both of them help designers and developers create dynamic layouts. They help developers align the content within the container as well.

css flexbox vs grid

Despite their similar capabilities, the debates on which one to use have increased. Designers have never been so confused like they are today. To know which one to use, you should know what these two are, and what they can do.


The first difference between these two is their dimensional layout. Flexbox is made of one dimensional, while the other one is of two-dimensional layouts. It simply means that you lay out the items in one direction with the CSS Flexbox, and it requires lesser code for you to maintain.

On the other hand, Grid gives you more flexibility as with it, you can create it in two dimensions. You can combine these two as well. Which one to use depends on the dimensions of the layout you want to create.

Layout vs. Content

The grid takes the basis in the layout, and flexbox takes it in content. Simply put, if you have an idea about the content for the site before the layout, you can go for the CSS flexbox. However, if such is not the case, use the grid in that scenario. Again, it depends on your needs more than on their provisions.

flexbox vs css

The grid is known to handle large-scale layouts that are not linear in shape. If we talk about the flexbox, it is appropriate for the small scale-layouts. Layouts are usually linear in nature. It makes flexbox the one that you can use for most of the sites.


Still wondering which one to use?

Well, you do not need to follow any hard and fast rule for the same. Use the one which goes best for you and suits your needs. An additional advantage of using Grid is that majority of global website traffic supports it. Also, the percentage of browser support for the Grid is rising.

Anyway, the basic idea behind these two is to align the items and justify the text. So, take your needs into confidence and pick up the one which does it for you. That’ how you know which one of these two is for you.

A Web Designer? 4 Typography Rules you Should Know

Web designing is all about how a user feels when makes his way on to a site you design. Little does he care about the colors and sounds. A user is, in fact, looking for the content in that case. Also, the way you present that content for the user sets your reputation in his eyes.



The way a site communicates with the users decides the communication between the two. Typography is the way by which this communication takes place.

As with the other fields, you need to understand a set of rules that define the principles of typography.

Begin with the Fundamentals of Typography

Since it is a combination of science and art, you can’t afford to take it lightly. One has to understand the basics of everything before he moves on to implement it. The typeface has got a specific vocabulary, measurements, and specifications. To get the work done, you need to take these parameters into account.

Be Careful with the Fonts

When choosing the font for a site, it is not about your personal preference or likes. Every font in the catalogue has a directive. To choose the best one, understand the niche of the site and the audience that is likely to come over there. If it does not connect with the user, it is of no use, no matter how cool it looks. Also, you should always use a limited number of fonts on a webpage.

Understand Kerning

It is the art of tuning the space between the characters. Although it might not sound that important, it is one of the crucial aspects of web designing. The alphabets that are angular look a bit strange. Being a designer, you should know the value of kerning.

web typography

Set the right alignment

One of the most crucial concepts in typography is the alignment of text. The easiest one to use in the left alignment. You can shift between the right, left, and center alignment. It is undoubtedly one of the most toughest things in typography. You need to change the length of the lines if you see numerous bumps.


Typography sounds a game of newbies, but even professionals fail to understand it sometimes. If a webpage fails to communicate with the user, the end results will not be good. It might affect the metrics of the site, eventually causing it to rank down on the search engine results page.

What you need to know about Machine learning?

Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the buzzwords in the world of technology. It is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that offer the systems with the automatic learning and improving from experience.

Machine learning primarily focuses on the computer programs developed that can access data. It enables computers for handling the new situations via analysis, observation, experience, and self-training.

This facilitates the constant advancement of computing through the new scenarios exposure adaptation and testing. Machine learning is an aspect which is most of the times is confused with the knowledge discovery and the data mining (KDD).

How Does Machine learning work?

The algorithms of machine learning are categorized as the supervised and unsupervised frequently. These two are the mainly the types of machine learning.

So, here is the better comprehension for the both illustrating the working of machine learning.

Machine learning

Supervised algorithms

Supervised algorithms necessitate a data scientist or data analyst with the skills of machine learning for providing the input and output. It integrates the furnishing feedback about the accuracy of the prediction during the training of the algorithm.

Furthermore, data scientists find out the variables or features, and this model must analyze so that the prediction gets easier.

Unsupervised algorithm

Unsupervised algorithms don’t require training with the desired consequence data. The algorithms use an approach that is iterative and is deep learning. It is helpful in reviewing the data and arriving at the conclusions.

The unsupervised algorithms are also known as neural networks which are used for processing tasks that are complex. These tasks are learning systems, speech-to-text, and generation of natural language.

These neural networks work through combining the countless instances of data training and automatically categorizing the correlations that are subtle between lots of variables. Hence, it is easy to interpret the new data after the completion of training. These are the algorithms which are only feasible in the big data age and necessitate extensive training for data handling.

Types of Machine learning algorithms

The use of Machine learning is limitless, so there is no lacking of algorithms of machine learning. They range from simple to highly complicated. Following are the used models of machine learning algorithms:

Decision trees

It is a model which makes use of the observations about the actions that are certain and identifies the path that is optimal to arrive at the desired outcome.

K-means clustering

It is a model which integrates the specification of a group and data points into the particular groupings number based on characteristics.

Neural networks

It is a deep learning model that makes use of the massive amounts of data for identifying the correlations between lots of variables. It helps in learning the process of incoming data in the future.

Reinforcement learning

It is a profound learning which includes models iterating over several tries for completing the process. There are steps which generate the outcomes which are favorable.


Dark Patterns in Web Design- Things You Need to Know

You might possibly have come across a site on which you did something that you did not want to. Well, the tricks that force the users on a site to perform the tasks they don’t want to, are the dark patterns.

Dark Patterns

There’s a fine line between influencing a user and forcing him into doing something he does not desire. No matter how much we avoid, there must have been at least one instance with each one of us when we were taken to misleading ads. Site owners use them to improve the metrics of their site, and even the technology giants are not an exception here.

What are Dark Patterns?

Harry Brignull, a UX research specialist, has coined this term to explain the tricks on apps and websites that make people do the stuff they don’t want to. Dark patterns provide the sites with short-term gains. Remember, the sites using them do lose the analytics in an extended run.

There are certain types of dark patterns the designers use on the web today. Let us have a look at them.

Disguised Ads

Some of the websites use adverts to generate revenues. But they earn through an absurd trick of misleading people into clicking on an ad, while he wants to click on something else. In simple terms, these ads appear to be the navigation or content of the site you visit, but in reality, they are misleading ads.

Bait and Switch

It is a trick which forces a user to do an undesirable thing, while he thinks of doing something else. One of the popular examples of Bait and Switch is Microsoft’s approach which took people into upgrading their systems to Windows 10.

Dark Patterns

Friend Spam

This is completely absurd as it asks users to sign up on a social media platform. It then asks for permission to use his friend list. The worst of it begins when the site spams all your contacts while making you the villain of the game. Back in the year 2015, Linkedin was fined $13 Million for doing this.

Why Should Designers Avoid Them?

You might be thinking as to why you should them when they bring with them a lot of business. First thing first, they are not ethical. Besides, the results that they generate and cause much more damage in the longer run. To know why you should not use them, look at the consequences that some of the business giants have faced.

What is Python and What You Can Do With It?

In the world of development, Python is everywhere. Besides web developers, it is quite popular among data scientists. The prime reason for its popularity among coders in multiple fields is its easy to understand syntax. The other one is a massive community of programmers.

If you are looking forward to learning Python, you may want to know what you can do with it. Well, the applications of Python extend to more than just one field.


In this article, we have narrowed down some of the areas where Python is being used by the programmers.

Python is for Web Development

Django and Flask are the web frameworks that help create the backend code in the Python language. The backend code is the one which runs on your server, and also called server-side code.

There are two other web frameworks of Python; Bottle and Pyramid. But, the people who are new to the language and want to develop a site, Flask and Django are the best options.

Python’s standard library is quite large, and it supports some of the internet protocols like JSON, HTML, and XML. Also, systems like Plone and Django CMS make it possible for the developers to conduct advanced content management.

Python is used in Web Scraping

It is becoming increasingly necessary to retrieve the online data, but pulling it out is not that easy. To make it a little comfortable, Python has some great tools like BeautifulSoup which help in web scraping.

Web scraping is a way by which the information on the internet can be collected, organized, and analyzed.

It is used in Data Science

Data science includes in it the sophisticated machine learning, and data visualization and analysis. Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence and is used in predicting stocks, and identification of fingerprints. It basically implements an algorithm to detect a pattern in the input.

machine learning

Data visualization and analysis help programmers anlayse the trends of the market. This simply means that by analyzing some data, you get to know how people respond to a website or a product.


In its almost three decades of life, python has become a popular choice among the coders because of a wide range of applications. With its vast community of coders, one can learn to code efficiently. Also, it is one of the most used languages in the field of Robotics. C++ undoubtedly remains on top of the chart in this field.