6 Mobile Apps That Will Dominate Your Home Screen

Are you planning to develop an app? Great!

But, do you know what works in the market? A great app should fulfill people’s requirements and desires. If it doesn’t, it may fail.

Look at the most used apps in the world to get an idea of what actually works in the market.

Google Assistant

Most dominating apps 2018

Launched in 2018, this app witnessed a striking growth of 144% in just two months from October 2017 to December 2017. Google developed this artificial personal assistant to ease navigation, communication, and going through a lot of things using your smartphone.

Use it on both Android and iOS to ask questions, listen to the music, play games, and much more, using 30+ powerful voice commands.


Most dominating apps 2018

Remembering multiple passwords for different sites is troublesome. This is where LastPass enters as your best password management buddy.

LastPass protects you on your smartphone. You can secure your passwords, log in to your websites with TouchID and generate new, strong passwords. You just need to remember your LastPass master password. Moreover, you can use LastPass to autofill your logins on various platforms.

Managing passwords has never been so easy before!


Most dominating apps 2018

Netflix is dominating the streaming video industry. It received more than 7.5 million new users in the first quarter of 2018. People enjoy watching videos, movies, and TV series on TV as well as smartphone using Netflix video streaming service.

It hit around 500 million downloads this year. You can use Netflix app to watch your favorite movies, videos and TV series anywhere and anytime you want. This app is extremely popular in English-speaking nations, especially in the USA.


WhatsApp is a free, instant and encrypted messaging mobile app.  It allows people to communicate using the internet data of their smartphones. Users can send text messages and voice messages, make videos calls, and send location, images and links to anyone on users’ contact list.

This instant messaging app, owned by Facebook since 2014, has over 1.5 billion monthly users. The app hit estimated 33.8 million downloads last quarter.

Google Trips

Google Trip serves as your all-in-one travel companion on your smartphone.  It helps you with, automatically sorted trips, travel itineraries and reservations from your email directly.  It automatically collects all your trip details, like hotel reservation, flight details, and other information available in your emails.

Then, it augments this information with suggestions and recommendations for local sights, tips, and much more. Once you save your trip details on your mobile device, you can use the app offline without roaming charges and local Wi-Fi. This free app is supported on both Android and iOS to accompany modern tourists.


Facebook is the world’s most used social media platform used by individuals for personal communication and business promotion. It is available on all major operating systems, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc.

A study revealed that nearly 85% smartphone users have Facebook app downloaded on their devices.

Major countries according to the number of Facebook users as of April 2018, in millions

Most dominating apps 2018


Now, you got it, right? Make sure you develop a fully-featured, appealing and functioning app that rocks.  Also, don’t forget to build a website for your mobile app to promote your app, as quality and marketing are two core aspects of mobile app success.

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