What is Microcopy and How to Master It?

In simplest terms, microcopy is the bits of text that guide the users on a site to improve their experience over there. The reason why UX designers keep it and must keep it short is to make it easier for the users to understand.

microcopy ux

Microcopy, in apps and websites, includes stuff like hint text, error messages, among others. Its prime motive is to assist the users when interacting with a product.

Sometimes, small things influence more than the bigger ones, and microcopy is one of the former ones.

Why does Microcopy matter?

UX designers want users to perform the action they (designers) desire. The action can be anything from subscription, to purchase, to share and pretty much anything. Micropcopy is the technique that does the convincing for the designers.

Another great thing about the technique is that it improves the user experience by being true to the brand. However, getting too cheesy may make it suffer more than work.

How to master Microcopy?

Most of the designers have adopted it to generate more profits for their business or the organization. Some of them do it the right way while others do random things. Little do they realize the consequences of such things.

  • Before you do it, make sure you know whether it is even required or not.
  • If you think it is useful, begin with the word selection. Remember that it must be short, bold, and active.
  • Think of the situations when a user will encounter the microcopy at your site.
  • As mentioned earlier, it should be not cheesy. A microcopy must be hundred percent real.
  • Since it is a part of the design, it must remain as one. You need to understand as to how it will fit into the visuals of the site or app.


You need to be ultra clear and precise with the message that you want to deliver to the users. Since it is to improve the user experience, you cannot go overboard with the number of words.

Wrap Up

The microcopy has a lot to do with the content explanation and conversions. You must not look at its size, but the effectiveness. If you pay attention to the features of the technique, you will get much better results.

The tone of the message may change according to the niche of the site and its audience, but fundamentals must remain the same.

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