Top 5 JavaScript and CSS Animation Snippets for Web Designers

Do you want to create some attractive text effects on your site that can engage the users even more? Well, there are some popular CSS and JS animation snippets that you can use. The fundamentals of CSS and few lines of JavaScript code, and you are done. The effects include three-dimensional rotations to text animation, and much more.

animation snippets

With the help of this post, you will come to know about the top x JavaScript and CSS animation snippets. Keep reading to learn and understand them briefly.

JS Mickey Watch

Although it is not needed for most of the sites, you can use it on the ones that are meant for children. Basically, all you need to perform is to combine some SVG graphics, CSS, and JS to position the hands of Mickey as hours and minutes hands of a watch.

Pixel Alphabet

Georgi Nikoloff created this one to play with the HTML5 canvas element. Most of this snippet runs on JavaScript. Basically, it converts the letters into a flexible element. The font that it uses is the ‘Noto Serif.’

The role of JavaScript in this strange snippet is to break up the letters into dots. And these dots are the ones that create the basis of animation. One thing that you’ll learn from it is the distance that web animations have covered so far.

Tyger Tyger

The name of the snippet is taken from William Blake’s poem “The Tyger.” The focus of this attractive snippet is more on typographic animations than the content.

Through this snippet, you can add outlines and glowing effects to different segments of the text separately.


Typing Carousel

You may have seen this one on the websites of a lot of business firms. It’s a typing text snippet that stimulates a person typing a text in the word processor.

It uses a blend of CSS and JS animations to contain everything in one element. Business websites use it to list their description of the current and previous clients.

Filling SVG Text

This one is relatively unique and uses a mix of CSS stroke property and box shadows. In this snippet, the entire text is built with SVG. But, one can manually select the text as per his choice.

Another great thing about this snippet is that it works perfectly fine with every web browser. Also, the text is flexible enough to fit into possibly every website.

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