Things you need to know about IoT Prototyping

IoT has gradually made its way into our homes. And not just houses, it is there in almost every aspect of our lives. IoT prototyping is used to frame out the necessary parameters of product deployment. Although challenging, it is a rewarding engineering process.


Before we dive deep into the stages of this process, we must know what it is. After all, anything that you learn must start from fundamentals.

What is IoT?

As the name suggests, Internet of Things is a concept which applies to the devices or things that are connected to the internet. A mobile, computer, wearables, and every other device that connects to the internet fall under the category of IoT.

It is not a buzz, but a vast network of devices and things that are connected to humans. Mostly, fitness enthusiasts use one of such devices to track their workout schedule and the health parameters like heart rate.

What is the IoT Prototyping?

It is the way through which you produce IoT hardware and embed it with some off the shelf components. These components include microcontrollers, sensors, and printed circuit boards.

However, a prototype is merely a trial version of the product that you desire to produce for the market. It is done to see how great the product will work once it is out in the market.

Anatomy of IoT Prototype

An IoT prototype has usually has three integrated interfaces. However, the number varies according to the needs. The rule here is that it must have at least two integrated interfaces.

The interfaces that it commonly has are:

A mobile application

It is the application on your mobile phone that lets you read the sensor data of the connected hardware. You can also make the connected device function through this app.

A web application

If you have a Wi-Fi enabled device, you can connect the web apps to a remote interface to manage the way the things work.


It includes the components that help you host the sensors of your device. The equipment may consist of anything from a solder to a wire.

Internet of Things


There’s no end to the prototyping standards of IoT, and it is critical before you finally come up with the product. And the best part is that it is quite easy for everyone to learn it. Always remember that it is the first step towards the goal, and there will be obstacles all along the way.

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