3 Tips for Developers to Improve the User Retention on a Mobile App

Application designers generally think that a high number of downloads of their app means its success. However, what they don’t understand is that user retention is way more important in this regard. Some brands even pay hefty amounts just to acquire some users. People, that is where the game begins, and there’s more to it than you think.

User Retention

The first one is app engagement, which clearly means the amount of time a user spends on an app. Retention is the percentage of people who go back to an app and perform some action after some days.

Here’s the data which says that nearly 80 per cent of the people who download an app remove it within the first three days. That’s quite disturbing for any developer out there. However, there’s always a way out of a mess, and we have some tips for you to follow.

Improve the functionality of the app

Let us face it- a user does not use and keep an app in his device if it does nothing but lags. You must understand that there always is some room for improvement. One minor bug can sometimes cause significant trouble for users. Well, we don’t think that consequences need a mention here. The more it lags, crashes, or slow down, the more it will affect the metrics.

Introduce the app properly

The description in the app store is where it begins. A user comes to know about the purpose of an application through its description in the first place. The presentation is the first step toward converting the audience into users. It must be written in such a way that a user gets curious to see its content in the first read. And if you deliver what you claim, the odds of people using it frequently increase tenfold.

Mobile app user retention

Use the FOMO Factor

For those who don’t know what it is; it is called Fear of Missing Out. A user opens an application where he thinks he’ll miss something if he does not use it regularly. This can be achieved by adding a bit of social touch to the app. Even if it does not sound likely, the reality is that it works in most of the cases.


Besides the tips mentioned above, you can create a website for the app as well. It will help users get the updates about what’s happening in there. Don’t worry if you have no idea about programming; you can still build a website by using content management systems like SiteSonic which perform the coding at the backend. All you will have to do is to drag-and-drop the themes and features, and the site is ready.

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