Creating URGENCY on Your Landing Pages

We are procrastinators! We rationalize and demand more time to make a decision. The same thing applies when we shop something, especially at an online store. Then, we get distracted and forget about the product we’re seeing.

Your landing page has to compete for this user behavior.

Don’t let your landing page visitors think whether they should convert or not. Create a sense of urgency using words that create urgency on your page so that people think that it’s the only time to buy the product before they jump off the page. Make sure you know how to create urgency without being pushy?

Try following great urgency tactics to boost the conversion rate of your landing pages:

how to create urgency without being pushy


This classic urgency tactic always has the best results. You can use a countdown in two ways; first, tell visitors they have limited time to take action. Alternatively, you can countdown the beginning of something desirable, such as product launch or an event.

Use a Calendar

Using the calendar heavily influences the buying decision of online shoppers. People often buy new clothes at the beginning of every new season. They’re ready to pay double for roses on Valentine’s Day and gifts on Christmas.

Using calendar events is the best tool for creating a sense of urgency with customers. You will notice lots of websites doing the same in the summer sales, Black Friday and more to encourage people to buy before they miss the deal.

Present Delivery Estimates

People hate waiting for things to arrive, they order online. Showing them that you’re working hard to deliver the product as soon as possible makes a huge difference. Be specific with your estimates of order delivery time. Ensure that you live up to those estimates.

Create Visual Urgency

how to create urgency without being pushy

Using visuals for creating urgency on your landing pages hits the psychology of the human brain. Select visuals that reinforce a sense of urgency on your page. For example, Now TV promises access to all TV shows they want.

The visual content on their page reinforces this urgency by using bold colors for different types of TV and offering free passes that are just a click away.


Know your target audience as much as possible and tailor their interests with your message that best resonate with their needs. Make sure your landing page delivers the most relevant message, using the words that create urgency, to your potential visitors and customers.

There are lots of the latest tools for personalization that allow you to segment users based on their age, gender, needs, much more.

Pre-Orders & Reservations

If your product drives people crazy with anticipation, you should leverage pre-orders and reservations.

Using this urgency tactic results will get you huge conversions piling up even before the product hits the shelves. It also assures consumers that the product will be certainly delivered to them once it gets released.

Offer Free Access Temporarily

This tactic is not about free trials! It’s the window where you offer users with the free access to your products and services.

It creates urgency as people know that it’s the only chance to try something out before buying it. This urgency tactic works great for brands who don’t offer free trials.

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