The Dos and Don’ts of using Web Animations on your Website

Every web designer has a question in his mind, to use web animations on site or not. The straightforward answer to this question is that use it if it allows the visitors to enjoy. It is indeed a challenge to add motions to some areas of the sites, while others remain untouched. Make sure that those animations don’t interrupt the users’ activity or spoil their experience on your site.

web animations

Before you start to implement them, know the basics of animations. There are multiple forms of animations that designers can use on their site. They can either be micro-interactions or transitions on a web page.

What to Animate and what to leave?

As mentioned already, don’t animate the entire site for the sake of fun. There are sure some areas on every site where you simply can’t implement unnecessary motions.

Dos for Web Animations

  • You can use animations on the loading bars and navigation buttons.
  • Apply them on the elements that are there to draw attention. It can be the message icon or call to action button.

Don’ts for Web Animations

  • Never use the animations on a paragraph. They can hamper the functionality of your site.
  • Don’t add any animation to a spot where a user makes the changes on a website.

Let us explain some of the vital things in brief.

design for web animations

Don’t cross the limits

Being a web designer, you should know that there are some limits here. You can change the opacity or transform it, but that’s the limit. Don’t go beyond this; else you’ll end up making things worse.

It might not be a significant deal for a user if the width or margin on a site changes. But, for a computer to do this, it is a lot. So, take care of it when you sit to design your website.

Go one by one

To maintain a healthy relationship with animations, work on them one by one. This is because every single animation works well as a separate entity. Once you introduce it to others, they will all mess up. Scheduling them all in a proper sequence is the key to keep it smooth for the users.

Work at a slow pace

Animation designing is all about timing. Remember that you need to go slow to make the things work smoothly. It does not matter whether you are using the CSS or JS, it is recommended to perform a little more than usual math. Also, if you use variables for the same, you will get much better results in the end.

Don’t add them to the scroll

Some designers have started to use animations on the scrolling feature of their sites. Whether they are bad or worse is a matter of debate, people still use them. The worst thing one can do in this context is to build the scroll functionality for his site manually. However, it is always preferred to go for the one which you get as default from the browser.

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