5 Tips to Design for Global Audience

Geography plays a significant in web designing. Some websites are meant to attract local users while others want to deal globally. If you are starting an online business keeping the global audience in mind, you need to know how to design for them in the first place.

design for global audience

Face the fact that one size does not fit all. People belonging to different corners of the world speak different languages, have different needs. You need to understand it all before you begin to code.

The Translation Must be Easy

A website is meant to communicate with the users on your behalf. Now that languages vary with places, the site must be designed in a way that the user finds his languages comfortably. Not just translations, but the context of the content must also be looked for. The material on each page of your site must deliver the same message in every language.

Be Careful with the Images

Images do help websites attract more visitors, but the text on the image cannot be translated by any means. If you use a lot of images to convey the purpose of your site, you may end up losing a lot of users in the first few seconds. Also, keep in mind that images must not contain a lot of text, especially the one which is crucial for every user. You need to be careful with the graphic content as well. It should not hurt the cultural or religious beliefs of any of the visitors.

Don’t Use Rigid Localized Options

Some websites use the default language based on the IP address of the users. They take you to the specific country domain. Other sites take the users to a page which is meant for users from anywhere around the world. From there, the user can select the language or country he wants to access the website.

Play Safe with the Colors

Have you ever visited a site with bright colors? Even if you haven’t been there, it strains the eyes of every other user, irrespective of their nationality. Web designing is about making it comfortable for the users to browse through a site. And being a designer, you must always opt for the neutral-colored interface, so users do not have to stress to understand the text.

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Use the Content Delivery Network

The internet connections in some parts of the world are still slow. However, if you design for the global audience, you need to deliver the similar user-experience to every visitor on your site. CDN improves the user experience, especially in places with slow internet speeds. Also, do not fill your site with large images and videos because they affect the loading speed of the site.


You need to be careful about these parameters even if you use website builders like SiteSonic. Designing for the global audience can be challenging, but it is worth the efforts you invest. So, take care of the tips mentioned here and start building your site for the users around the world.

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