Creating A Landing Page That CONVERTS!

landing page best practices

A WordStream study showed that many reputed advertisers received 10% higher conversion rates using landing pages. This is exactly what you wish for your business, right?

Most of us already understand the significance of using landing pages. A landing page, also known as a standalone web page, serves a single objective. It features a call-to-action pointed at your target audience that entices them to convert from your visitors into your customers.

But, the question is – how to create high converting landing page templates that drive high conversion rates as expected, or probably, exceed your expectations. Continue reading “Creating A Landing Page That CONVERTS!”

5 Ingredients of a Killer Website Design

There is no denying that having a significant online presence is crucial for your business success.

Whether you are a small business owner or own an established one, your website (with good design) is one of the important tools that you should have in your arsenal to get potential leads and customers.

So what makes a website great?

Functionality? Ease of use? Call to action? Speed? Yes! Along with this, it should feature an eye-catching design, optimized images, and well-written content.

While every designer has a different plan when it comes to creating a website design, here are five main ingredients that you should consider. Continue reading “5 Ingredients of a Killer Website Design”