Why You Have To Market Your App Before Releasing?

app pre-launch marketing benefits

Thousands of mobile apps hit major app stores each day. Within the first quarter of 2018, around 6,140 mobile apps were released through Google Play store every day. Such a staggering figure!

So, how will you make your app stand out in overcrowded app stores and make it get the attention it truly deserves? MARKETING is the obvious answer.

However, one thing that many app developers fail to realize is the significance of app pre-launch marketing. In fact, you should start marketing your app even before it’s an idea in your mind.

Here is why a smart and well-executed app pre-launch marketing is critical for the success of your mobile app.

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Common Mobile App Security Issues

Broken Cryptography

Most recently, many big names such as Yahoo, Starbucks, Home Depot, etc., have been through a PR disaster just because of security blunders with their mobile apps.

Even though these companies have reworked security measures in their apps, it’s hard to regain consumers’ trust. That’s why it’s important to be proactive rather than reactive for mobile app security.

This article explains the most common and overlooked security issues to app developers.

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Master CTAs With These Time-Tested Tips

Tips for CTA

When people visit your website, you expect them to take action.

You want them to shop at your store, share your blog post, or sign up for your newsletters.

But how do you achieve that?

Encouraging your visitors to take the desired action on your website is challenging unless you have an impressive and compelling call-to-action button.

Here are some proven tips for CTA button for your web pages for a high conversion rate.

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Small White Spaces & Big Impact on Website Conversion Rate. Explore it how!

why is white space important in design

Positive user experience matters the most when it comes to an improved website conversion rate. Using white space is one of the best ways to achieve the same.

It improves a website’s usability and performance. It’s one of the most important ingredients of ‘less is more’ and ‘make it simple and straightforward’ mantras for web design.

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Creating URGENCY on Your Landing Pages

how to create urgency without being pushy

We are procrastinators! We rationalize and demand more time to make a decision. The same thing applies when we shop something, especially at an online store. Then, we get distracted and forget about the product we’re seeing.

Your landing page has to compete for this user behavior.

Don’t let your landing page visitors think whether they should convert or not. Create a sense of urgency using words that create urgency on your page so that people think that it’s the only time to buy the product before they jump off the page. Make sure you know how to create urgency without being pushy?

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