5 Tips To Show Your Code On Screen

Code on screen

Are you not able to decipher the code on screen? Well, whether you are building an application or getting it developed, a developer will eventually show you some code.

The display of code includes showcasing different commands on the programming terminal. There are chances that the viewer will sit at a distance, the viewing conditions are different or don’t know about the language. Irrespective of what the viewing scenario is, here is how you can show your code on the screen.

Code on screen

Use A Simple Syntax Highlighting Style

If you want the viewer to get an understanding of the code, use a highlighting syntax style that will let him recognize at one go.

To make the code more viewable, use black text on a bright background. But make sure that you don’t use dark fonts on a dark backdrop, bright shades on white background and dark on a dark background.

After all, it is better not having a highlight than having a good one.

Highlight The Current Code

The code is a collection of parameters and can wobble a person who has little or no understanding of same.

One of the best approaches to show code highlights the line that is being displayed. And in case, if you are live coding on screen, this approach will help you to keep viewers on the track.

Consider The Code Presentation As A Presentation

When you are presenting a code, you will have to prepare for a proper presentation. You cannot make slides or using different media, but make sure you prepare well enough with your color schemes, font size, and more.

Use A Block Cursor

To enhance the visibility of code, use a block cursor with a low blink rate. So, whether you are refactoring during the code or not, a block cursor will keep you and the viewer on the same page.

Code on screen

Use The Line Numbers

Every programming terminal comes with the line numbers. You can use them and keep the viewers along with you, as show your code on screen.

In case, if they lose the track, all you need to tell them is a line number to get back.

But make sure you remember that the code viewing conditions are not the same when you are viewing alone or looking at someone’s code. However, if you don’t prefer to code, you can use the various tools such as SiteSonic and use their free templates to launch a hassle-free website.

C++ Features That You Really Need To Learn

C++ language

C++ is known as a general-purpose programming language that comes with the various generic and object-oriented features. Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, it is an extension of C language and also works as a hybrid language as well.

Initially, it was called as “C with classes” as it had all the properties of C with classes. But it is an intermediate level language that comes with both low level and high language features.

C++ is also one of the most popular languages that can be used with drivers, firmware, client-side applications, application software, and more. If you are looking to develop a site with C++, here are some features that you need to learn.

The ‘auto’ Feature

C++ Features

When you use the ‘auto’ feature in C++, it introduces an inference type capability, which means that the compiler will automatically check the type of a variable at the point of declaration.

Moreover, once you start writing the code, this keyword will make you spend less time to write the things that your compiler is already aware of.

shared_ptr Feature

One of the most popular shared_ptr is a  boost::shared_ptr. With this ptr, you don’t require any external libraries to work with the smart pointers.

Strongly typed enums

Whenever you use traditional enums to export the enumerators in the surrounding scope, it will lead to serious name collisions. You should use the ‘enum class keywords’ as they don’t export the enumerators in the surrounding scope.

Moreover, with this, there will be no two different enums, which will have no scope defined enums with the name.

C++ Features

Unordered Containers

An unordered container in C++ works like a hash table. C++ offers you four standard unordered containers that include-

  • Unordered_set
  • Unordered_map
  • Unordered_multiset
  • Unordered_multimap

nullptr Feature

In C++, 0 works as both null pointer and a constant integer. And this approach comes with its own drawbacks, due to the conversion of implicit conversion to the integral types.

But C++ solves this problem by bringing in a new keyword that works specifically as a null pointer constant: nulptr. With this ptr, there is no requirement where a constant 0 is used.

Smart Pointer

In C++, smart pointer with the autorelease of owned memory and reference counting are available. The smart pointers include-

  • Unique_ptr -when the ownership of memory source is not required to be shared.
  • Shared_ptr- when memory ownership has to be shared.
  • Weak_ptr gives the reference of an object that is usually managed by a shared pointer.

These features will ease your work and will also let you streamline your project effortlessly. You can also use the tools like SiteSonic that give you a sync feature, free templates, access to edit that allows you to a website in a hassle free way.

System Design Principles That You Need To Learn

System Design Principles

Before we head on to the principles, what is System Design?

According to Wikipedia– it is known as the process of defining the modules, data, interfaces, and architecture of a system to cater the specified requirements of a product.

These systems keep the entire product consistent, enhance the workflow efficiency, and also improve the user experience with the proven patterns. And if you are a product engineer, your main role is to build and design products.

However, when you design the products, there are various design problems and solutions to them, which you can use and implement as an end product. If you are also pondering over them, read here:


How Can You Make A Feature Robust and Reliable?

When you are making a design, you should choose a specific feature. Once the feature is designed, you need to focus on making it reliable and robust.

To make it excellent, you need to learn about the set of people and their scenarios that are going to use it.

What Is The First Iteration?

When it comes to system design principles, the iterations occur when you are building a system from scratch or the final product is large in size. The repetitive iterations help you to solve the issues so that the end product is excellent.

System design principle

System Designs Need To Integrate Accessibility

Whenever you design a product, you should apply the accessibility design constraints. For example- if your users are screen readers, you can use alt-text for it. However, there are chances that the users may have sightedness issues; you can use resized type for it.

These features allow you to integrate accessibility so that users can use product features with ease.

 What Is The Captured Data?

There is some amount of data capturing required, which includes- action logs, event logs, failures, metrics, and anomalies.

However, when it comes to the data usage, you can store the data in structure as it makes the process easy and convenient.

Scale A System Design Properly

To scale the system design, start with using the “defined primitives”. The primitives include text style, color schemes, grids, and more. You can build your system with these primitives and ensure proper consistency in the process. But you need to be flexible and make a product that is platform friendly.

Along with the system design principles, you can use other tools like SiteSonic that offers you auto-sync content feature, lets you explore many free templates, and also allows you to launch a hassle-free website.

Tips for Fixing Website Bloat and Readability Problem

Fixing Website

We cannot deny that websites downtime issues cost your business hundred and thousand dollars per minute. Are you also facing issues like- website is not available, error 404, URL not found? Or you website simply does not load!

Well, these issues occur when your website is bloated, has readability issues, and is not maintained properly.

Bloating occurs when the website has unnecessary pages in the Index and is costing search engine more processing time than required. The readability issues come when the content is irrelevant and hard to read.

If you also have a hard time dealing, here is how to fix them:

Fixing website readability

Lets Users Use Their Preferred Settings

The developer should create a settings page that can allow users to use their preferred font, font color, line dimensions and position. Moreover, allow the settings for the HTML tags that are relevant for the text.

Use Robots.txt File

For fixing website bloat issues, block the URL parameters in the “robots.txt” file. This file does not let search engine to crawl a page, but it will still index the page if it is linked to the internal or external website.

Fixing website bloat

Get Rid Of Radical Components

The radical components include extra CSS and JavaScript.

Well, it is impossible to make an audio, video, or a chat application without JavaScript, so it does not come as a possible solution. However, we can use Semantic HTML instead of CSS, but it cannot provide the functionalities required for modern usage.

We cannot get rid of JS and CSS, but you can definitely minify the unessential elements.

Fix The Bloat With Meta Robots

The Meta Robot method can be done if it is implemented from a server level across multiple pages.

These robots also remove the URL that has the parameters caused by the product filters, internal search functions, and navigations. Moreover, Google agents can see the parameters that can negatively impact your search campaigns.

Use Canonical Tags

Self-referencing canonicalization is also considered as the best practice to resolve these issues.

Just add a canonical tag to the header of the unnecessary product and URL’s, and Google will understand which page to index and which not to. However, you need to remember that canonical tag is just a directive.

So, whether you are fixing the issues or building a new website, you can also use tools like SiteSonic that gives you free templates, allows to auto-sync content, and launch the website effortlessly.

What Is The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence For A Web Developer?

Artificial Intelligence in Development

There is no denying that web development trends have been growing at a rapid rate every day. From just simple and basic web pages, it is now all about appealing designs, animations, visual elements, and more.

Along with this, as the people are spending the major part of the time on the web, and the web development is now about improving the user experience. Now, the enhanced UI is something that will keep your site at the top.

So if you are also looking to improve the UI, here is how you can do it through Artificial Intelligence for it:

Artificial Intelligence use

Helps You with ChatBot Development

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to improve business with better reply predictions. Through AI, bots predict user reactions and help to streamline the overall communication process.

With this approach, websites can be created that will connect the feelings to the other end in an influential way.

Optimized Voice Search

As for browsing the internet has been becoming easy and efficient, the users want to get information in a faster manner. There are various virtual shopping assistants on the website, but a voice search option will help the consumers at a personal level.

Artificial Intelligence will enhance the entire conversation process and will soon be a necessity in websites.

Artificial Intelligence Automation

AI Will Automate The Entire Experience

As there are innovations in Artificial Intelligence, it will automate many design tasks and will decrease the overall effort of developers. Not only design, but it will also automate search engine results, product suggestions, content development, images, graphics, and more.

All you have to do is integrate the Artificial Intelligence in the existing platforms, and you are good to do.

Customized In-Store Experience

With AI, you can make e-commerce websites that will give an exceptional store experience to a user. Buyer will feel that they are shopping in real stores.  Moreover, they will also able to judge the products in a better way.

Moreover, this will also take the business and user experience to a new level.

So, AI is no longer limited to the movies and TV shows. Instead, this market is expected to grow into a market of $153 billion. You can also make use of AI tools for the development of your website or use tools like SiteSonic that allows you to build a hassle-free website with its auto-sync content feature, tons of free template, and by giving you the ability to edit effortlessly.

5 Open Source Development Tools For Web Developers

Open Source Development Tools

You, as a developer might have used various development tools for your websites. But have you ever considered using “Open Source Development Tools?”

According to Webopedia– Open Source Tools are the tools that perform a specific task, in which the source code is published for use. This code is created by a group of programmers that make the code and then share it with the community. It is licensed by Open Source Initiative team and is made to serve as an alternative to close source applications.

So, if you are also browsing for open source tools for your next project, read below:

Programming Language


If you write your programs in Java, you can use Eclipse as your environment as it comes with various useful feature like managing the code and classes seamlessly. Its compiler also provides you with the hints to complex syntax problems such as missing header files, error in lines of code, and more.

The Eclipse Foundation supports more than 250+ open source projects, and most of them are related to development.


Cordova is an open source tool that allows developers to write for Android, Ios and Windows using various technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Development Tools

Ruby On Rails

Commonly known as Rails, it is a server-side web application framework that provides you default structures for the database. It facilitates various web standards-HTML, CSS, XML, and also encourages that use of software engineering patterns like- DRY and CoC.

Some of the most popular services on the Internet including- Basecamp, GitHub, Airbnb, and more use Ruby on Rails for their development purposes.


It is an open source control system that is used to handle all type of projects. Many open source projects like Kernel, Linux, Gnome use it, and its other users include-Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Google.


Emacs is an open source, real-time, customizable, and self-documenting display editor. It comes with over 10,000 built-in commands, content editing modes, debugging, full Unicode support, and more.

Lou Shipley, CEO of Black Duck Notes also says that-“Open Source is the way by which applications are developed today.”

If you are planning to develop a website for your app, you can use these open source development tools or go for the tools like SiteSonic. SiteSonic offers you free templates, lets you auto-sync content, and also allows you to launch a hassle-free website.

Moreover, it is free, easy to use, and gives you a completely professional website in the shortest period of time.

Want To Make Your Career As A Better Developer? Here Is How You Can.

Developer working on a program

Every developer goes through this time. They write a piece of code, and somewhere they know that they can make it better. But unfortunately, they don’t know- How? Sometimes the better code is around the corner. And to reach that, all you need is to enhance your skills.

Well, if you are into the field of programming, you don’t have to live with what you got. Each day, you have to tinker with the code and learn a better way to write the optimized code.

If you also strive to become a better developer, here is how you can-

Be A Team Player

Find and embrace your “The Team.” It’s essential to have a team with you, whenever you are brainstorming with the code. By team, we mean a group of coders who are working towards the same project.

You might write the best code, but going along with a team will leave you with better ideas to write a program.

Master The Basics and Techniques

You need to master the techniques and basics of a programming language because the tools along with the trends come and go.

It is essential that you have ample of experience with the language and its basics. Basics will never change and will also help you to make the structure of the code.

Get Your Code Reviewed

The chances are that your code requires much more work, beyond just getting it written. If you want to be a better developer, your code should be short, clear, optimized and easily understandable. And the best approach is to get it reviewed. Especially, if the language and the processes involved in it are complex!

Create Your Own Coding Standards

It is important that you have your own coding standards. A point where you consider that your code is best and can work for the end user. And once you have standards, it is essential that you stick to them. Staying up with the coding standards saves times and ensures both consistency and productivity.

Rather than being code wizard, it is essential that you work in a team, get your code reviewed, and are up to date with the latest coding trends. However, if you are planning to build a website through coding, you can also use tools like SiteSonic that gives you a free, easy, and effortless to develop a website.

How To Build A Fully Functional Messenger Application?

Messenger Application

From Whatsapp to Facebook Messenger, and a lot more, a messenger application is all the rage these days.

They give us the flexibility to communicate like never before and also allow us to connect beyond the horizons. Moreover, it lets us deliver a swift response and gives you the convenience to stay connected throughout the day.

As these apps are gaining immense popularity, there are many developers who are looking to develop messenger applications to replicate the success. However, success does not come easy and here is how you can build a functional and scalable messenger application.

Basic Step Of Building An App


The first step is to launch a Minimal Viable Product that presents the essential features and grabs their attention.

You can then continue on developing the application based on the user’s feedback. Once you are done, decide on which platforms you want to launch your messenger- Native, Cross-Platform Native, and Hybrid.

Then, you should work for users needs and avoid the monetizing risks.

Consider UX/UI Beforehand

Half of the users judge the app’s reliability on its user interface and design. WhatsApp had a minimalistic approach and served the purpose of their users.

You should go for a simple design, make it feature rich, and should update it from time to time.

Enable VOIP Phone and Video Calls

Voice Over Internet Protocols has the technologies that deliver the voice and video over the Internet Protocol.

It should have the ability of group calls, which can give you an exceptional personal experience without any intermediate connection.

Messenger Application

Cloud Synchronization Services

The cloud synchronization keeps your files up to date in different places. Whether it is your chat history or your media files, everything is updated on the cloud.

This feature comes to use when you use your messenger application from various devices. It also comes to help when you delete the app, lose a phone, or reset the settings.

Well, developing a messenger app is not about making an advanced version of WhatsApp. But it is about making a solution that works for all chat needs.

You can also for the unique features like admin –verified access, user invitation, open access, email digest, push notifications, and more.

Along with the app, it is also important that you have website through which people can contact you, know about the features, and have enhanced access to everything. For building a website, you can refer to various tools like SiteSonic that allows creating a site from free templates and easy to use features.

Building A Website? Consider This Web Performance Checklist!


Are you building a website for your business?

You might have considered everything like images, graphics, videos, and custom fonts to make it look its best. But have you given a thought to load times, page speed, image optimization? They are the parameters that are required for the performance of your website.

There are a lot of developers who have this question on the back of their minds. They also use various tools and practices to optimize the web pages.

But before you go on the tools, here are some tips that will maximize your website’s performance.

Keep Your Website Speed Fast

Be 20% fast than your competitor.

Website conversions are usually dependent on the speed of the website. A delay of a few seconds can either give you a sale or lead to a bounce. For instance- Most of the website pages are of about 1.5 MB, and they require a huge chunk of time to load. Moreover, the time required to provide the interaction by these pages are 10 seconds.

A user simply leaves a website if its load time is more than 3 seconds.

Remove The Unused Code

If you are using CSS frameworks like bootstrap, there is a lot of code that is not used in the website.

Removing the unused code will decrease the size significantly to 90-95%. There is a tool that can also be used to identify the unused CSS- Purge CSS. It comes with CLI, plug-ins, JavaScript, and can be used as a part of the development workflow.

Unused code removal

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Not only for mobile; as a developer, you must optimize your website to its best. However, having a mobile friendly website is important for success in today’s rising digital marketplace. In 2016, mobile transactions were recorded as $123 billion for a business.

Optimize The Images

There are times when our websites get heavy due to the high-density images. Use optimized and proper image size as large images may disrupt your web page load time.

You can also use the various web optimization tools like libvips and imagemin.


Apart from the above factors, consider using a CDN, use cloud-based website monitoring, reduce the number of requests, go for critical path optimization and have an efficient caching strategy. This checklist is essential if you want to convert leads to customers on your website. You can also refer to the tools like SiteSonic that gives you a seamless experience with their auto sync feature, free templates and easy editing.

All You Need To Know About Boosting User Engagement With Push Notifications On Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps seem to be the latest trend among many emerging businesses these days. Features like the Push Notification functionality in particular, make up for a perfect way to engage the users. However, most mobile developers end up abusing the feature so much that it eventually ends up annoying the users. Therefore, we bring you the latest guide that enlightens you about the dos and don’ts when it comes to push notifications on mobile apps.

Allow The Users To ‘Disengage’

The first and foremost thing to ensure is that you never ‘spam’ the users with a notification every other hour. Only important or relevant information to the user goes up on the push notification screen. However, allow the users to opt-out even if you are adhering to the rules. The customers will be able to trust you more once they know that the communication isn’t forced upon them. You are more likely to earn yourself loyal customers when you do that.


Use The Right Tools

You might want to use the recommended tools like Google Analytics to understand the behavior of your users. The Google tool will help you know what triggers the people to opt-out of your notifications and what engages them the most. Once you know what you have been doing right/wrong, you can build up on a better strategy for push notifications on mobile app.

Research Where Your Users Come From

If you happen to be a business that provides its services to a global audience then your app might be present on the smart phones of people across the globe. Never underestimate the role of demographics in your app engagement. You should know when your customers are sleeping and refrain from sending them notifications during that time.

Give More Power To Them

Some of the biggest players in the app space allow the users to choose what type of notifications they receive. The users are also able to silence the notifications for specific hours of the day or completely opt out of ‘marketing’ applications. Once the power is in their hands, they can decide how they prefer to be notified.


These were a few things that you need to keep in mind when implementing the push notifications on mobile apps. Remember to make the right use of the feature so it can help in engaging the users in the most effective manner. Additionally, you might also want to consider creating a dedicated website for your app. Our online platform SiteSonic might make things easier for you on that front.