Accelerated Mobile Pages- Things you should know about it

Google, in collaboration with Twitter, had launched a project called accelerated mobile pages or AMP. The purpose for this project was to promote the optimization of sites for the mobile devices. In its official blog post, Google mentioned that it wants publishers to create the content rich webpages for the mobile devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Why was accelerated mobile pages project launched in the first place?

Behind the project is the surge in number of users using mobile devices to browse the internet. The sites that were not mobile friendly took quite a lot of time to load on a mobile phone. This affects the users’ experience, and eventually the sites’ analytics.

How does it enhance the Loading Speed of the Sites?

It prioritizes the loading elements in a viewport so one can see a webpage on any device without scrolling. Users interact with the AMP webpage on the Google servers because that is where they are rendered. This means that they are all available on the Google cache. Even if it saves a couple of milliseconds, the loading time does come down at the end.

Benefits of AMPs

They help you improve the ranking of your site. This is because satisfied people will stay on your webpage for a considerable period. And if they find the content they are looking for, odds are that those users will navigate between several pages on the site.

All this brings down the bounce rate pogo sticking effect of the site. Let us circle around these benefits one after another.

Speed attracts the Users

Any webpage that loads quickly on the web attracts more users than the ones that take forever to open. Yes, the quality of content on the site does matter, but it would go unnoticed if the site does not load in time.


Increases the Browser Visibility

One can easily identify the AMP sites by looking at its symbol on the search engine result page. The symbol is a thunder flash in a green circle. And it helps the website gain more traffic because people prefer the sites that load faster, and let them browse without any difficulty.

Improves Search Engine Rankings

Although Google has not made it a ranking factor, it indirectly improves the ranking of site by pushing the conversions. AMP sites load faster than the other ones, and they work closely with the mobile devices.


AMP is a fabulous thing, and it is slowly becoming common. Of course, anything that makes you meet the Google’s standards in regard to user experience is a promising project.

Although not so popular currently, it is going to be an influential project over the time. When it comes to generating revenues, no one misses do pursue technology.

Projects You Can Develop With Python Bottle!

Python Bottle

Python Bottle is a WSGI micro web framework that is specifically used for the Python programming language. It is known to run with two versions of Python including- Python 2.5+ and 3.x.

This framework is designed to be simple, fast, lightweight, and is used as a single file module with no other dependencies. It features a built-in template engine and can also run as a standalone server as well.

Python Bottle also works as a plug-in for various databases and also stores key value for the same.

Moreover, it works as the best approach for the various API and web development solutions. Here are the projects that can be developed using Python Bottle-

Python bottle

Prototyping Projects

Did you know that prototyping ideas are easier when done with the Python Bottle? Why?

There are frameworks that come with the model view template structure and have a lot of boilerplate code within them. Although, the make the project easier, but take a significant effort initially as the apps long-term code structure is dependent on it.

Small or Personal Projects

Python Bottle can be used for the small projects as by using a bottle. Py, you can skip some steps or simply pack your source code.

Whereas, when you use other development languages, all you spend your time is working in and out with the procedural steps.

Projects That Require Web Frameworks

The bottle comes with very light-weight source code. It has a single source file that is named as

So, whether you are new to the framework or are trying to learn about same, go for Python bottle. As you will have only one file to deal with throughout the process.

How to Start Working With Python Bottle?

  • Download it on your local machine.
  • Work through the various tutorials.
  • Start to code and then move to the deployment section for the results.

Tip: If you are working with the Plug-in Python Bottle, use ‘pip search bottle’, and it will show you all the plug-ins in one go.

While some of the frameworks try to provide everything that a user wants to use Python Bottle works on the core and help you to develop applications quickly. So, whether you want to make a website or figuring out a quick way to do that, turn to Python Bottle.

You can also refer to the tools like SiteSonic as it helps you launch a hassle-free website with ready to edit templates, sync feature, and more.

All You Need to Know about NoSQL Database


The designing of NoSQL database technology is not relational and stores the data for extensive scale data requirements. The example is like Facebook and other social media profiles as it accommodates data in Terabits every day for the million users. There is no schema and no joints that are fixed with this tool.


The approach of the NoSQL database entails a vast diversity of technologies of the database that are developed in response to the modern applications.

Types of NoSQL database technology

Following are the kinds of NoSQL database:

  • Key value store is one of the NoSQL database tools or models that is relevant for the storage needs. It allows clients to read and write values.
  • Document store is another tool that is usable for the compressing the collected data as a document. It offers some structure and encoding of the managed data.
  • Column store is also the type of NoSQL database technology which helps in storing the data in cells grouped in data columns as data rows.
  • Graph base is the flexible graphical representation and scalability concerns are identifiable.

Benefits of NoSQL database technology

If you want to know more, then continue reading the benefits of NoSQL that are as:

  • Elastic scales and taking advantage of new nodes is one of the main benefits of NoSQL database technology.
  • NoSQL database efficiently can manage the burden of big data, and the users don’t have to worry.
  • NoSQL database technology uses the affordable servers hence storing, and processing of the data is effortless with the approach.

Questions you need to consider before choosing NoSQL database technology

Before the integration of NoSQL database, it is vital for you considering specific questions so that you don’t have to encounter issues later. For your enhanced understanding, the following are the questions:

  • Do you think you are ready to take up the cost of training for your developers or system admins?
  • What is your data transaction type? What level of transaction support do you require?
  • Do you require web or high scalability?
  • Is NoSQL database solution helping you in saving money?
  • Do you require attracting venture capital?
  • Are you recruiting start-up mentality people?
  • What kind of technology your customers are using?
  • Do you expect many changes in your database schema?
  • Do you intend for using NoSQL database for personal satisfaction?

So, make sure considering all of these questions before turning to NoSQL database so that better results are achievable.

Future of Javascript In The Realm Of Development

Angular Future

Javascript was one of the popular skills required for development and is quite far from slowing down. It is the most dominant programming language on the web today. A survey showed that 71.5% of professional developers and 69. 8% of respondents use Javascript.

Well, we have also seen the rise of these three JavaScript frameworks – React, Vue, and Angular. And here is their future in the next ten years-

#1. React

This prominent framework has been built and backed by Facebook. It is popular for building and maintaining products, including, large enterprise software and POC.

Some of the prime examples of companies employing React are Whatsapp, Netflix, Walmart, Instagram, and more.

It has virtual DOM for great performance, component-based architecture, super fast learning curve, and a community of developers to support it whole-heartedly.

Angular tools

#2. Vue

A framework designed initially for programmers who had little knowledge, Vue is gaining popularity among who learn about it. The creator, Evan You, an ex-Google employee found some shortcomings in Angular and rectified them as he made Vue. The purpose of Vue was to make programmers stop over thinking about coding and focus more on creating functional interfaces. Vue serves the purpose perfectly.

Vue assists in two way data binding, asynchronous DOM updates, integration with HTML templates and strict adherence to web component specifications.

#3. Angular

Angular is a premium choice for enterprise implementation, Google Maps, Youtube, Paypal uses the ace framework.

The latest release boasts of two important additions – the first, Angular elements to permit the use of Angular components outside Angular akin to Vue and React and the second, Ivy renderer to hasten rendering in the application.

Angular future

With elements package, angular components can be created and published as web components. The latter can be used in any HTML page.

Apart from the frameworks, there is a rise in WEB COMPONENTS?

Web components are features added by the W3C to the HTML and DOM specifications to permit the use of reusable widgets or components in web documents and web applications.

The two prime examples include Stencil and Polymer.

The best part is that you need not know Javascript framework to use web components. A little knowledge of basic JS and DOM APIs is sufficient.

The Bottom Line

With new age frameworks and web components, Javascript has a long way to go in the front end world. If you too are looking for something as good as this for your website development, use tools like SiteSonic as it allows you to launch a hassle-free website with free templates and more.

Top Development Tools That May Change Your Life

Web Dev Tools

JavaScript does not work for large web applications as refactoring does not work for it; neither it identifies the type of a variable- says every JavaScript developer.

When programming language came into recognition, there were only some specific browsers that worked for them. Moreover, no one thought that an application could be made from them. However, as the time went on, the dev tools and language made one of the best ecosystem ever.

There were static language, dynamic language and what not! However, to break through them, here are some DEV tools that may change your life.

Development Tools

The Docker Tool

Docker is known as the building block of almost every modern cloud system. It is light in weight and works for immutable and virtualization applications. Moreover, with the docker, you get the same environment every time you run an application. You can also run it –

  • To test new products.
  • Introduce the external dependencies.
  • Solve the Python environment issues.

Trace GL

It is a run time debugging tool that lets you observe the function calls occurring in software that too in real time.

Use Jq-process JSON’s

So, whenever you call the API with the curl, here is how you might have done it-

curl -X GET, and this is the kind of output that you might have achieved-

{“month”: “7”, “num”: 614, “link”: “”, “year”: “2009”, “news”: “”, “safe_title”: “Woodpecker”, “transcript”: “[[A man with a woman are standing on a boardwalk]]\nMan: A woodpecker!\n<<Pop pop pop>>\n

But whenever you do with jq, the command will look like this

curl -X GET | jq, the results look a lot better-


“month”: “7”,

“num”: 614,

“link”: “”,

“year”: “2009”,

“news”: “”,

“safe_title”: “Woodpecker”,

“transcript”: “[[A man with a woman are standing on a boardwal]]

“alt”: “If you don’t have an extension cord I can get that too. Because we’re friends! Right?”,

“img”: ““,

“title”: “Woodpecker”,

“day”: “24”


 Development Tools


ESLint is by far the best linter that can work for almost any language. It is better than the JSLint and allows you to-

  • Enable and disable the options.
  • Create your own rules.
  • Use different plug-ins in various environments.

Text Manipulation Commands

The commands we use gives out the output texts, but here are few ways how you can get an output-

  • Grep Command
  • Tail
  • VIM
  • Bat

So, if you are also trying to master development, you can use the above Dev tools or use the tools like SiteSonic that offer you ready to use templates, editing features and more to develop a website seamlessly. SiteSonic is free, easy,  effortless and is made by the developers for developers.

C++ Features That You Really Need To Learn

C++ language

C++ is known as a general-purpose programming language that comes with the various generic and object-oriented features. Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, it is an extension of C language and also works as a hybrid language as well.

Initially, it was called as “C with classes” as it had all the properties of C with classes. But it is an intermediate level language that comes with both low level and high language features.

C++ is also one of the most popular languages that can be used with drivers, firmware, client-side applications, application software, and more. If you are looking to develop a site with C++, here are some features that you need to learn.

The ‘auto’ Feature

C++ Features

When you use the ‘auto’ feature in C++, it introduces an inference type capability, which means that the compiler will automatically check the type of a variable at the point of declaration.

Moreover, once you start writing the code, this keyword will make you spend less time to write the things that your compiler is already aware of.

shared_ptr Feature

One of the most popular shared_ptr is a  boost::shared_ptr. With this ptr, you don’t require any external libraries to work with the smart pointers.

Strongly typed enums

Whenever you use traditional enums to export the enumerators in the surrounding scope, it will lead to serious name collisions. You should use the ‘enum class keywords’ as they don’t export the enumerators in the surrounding scope.

Moreover, with this, there will be no two different enums, which will have no scope defined enums with the name.

C++ Features

Unordered Containers

An unordered container in C++ works like a hash table. C++ offers you four standard unordered containers that include-

  • Unordered_set
  • Unordered_map
  • Unordered_multiset
  • Unordered_multimap

nullptr Feature

In C++, 0 works as both null pointer and a constant integer. And this approach comes with its own drawbacks, due to the conversion of implicit conversion to the integral types.

But C++ solves this problem by bringing in a new keyword that works specifically as a null pointer constant: nulptr. With this ptr, there is no requirement where a constant 0 is used.

Smart Pointer

In C++, smart pointer with the autorelease of owned memory and reference counting are available. The smart pointers include-

  • Unique_ptr -when the ownership of memory source is not required to be shared.
  • Shared_ptr- when memory ownership has to be shared.
  • Weak_ptr gives the reference of an object that is usually managed by a shared pointer.

These features will ease your work and will also let you streamline your project effortlessly. You can also use the tools like SiteSonic that give you a sync feature, free templates, access to edit that allows you to a website in a hassle free way.

5 Open Source Development Tools For Web Developers

Open Source Development Tools

You, as a developer might have used various development tools for your websites. But have you ever considered using “Open Source Development Tools?”

According to Webopedia– Open Source Tools are the tools that perform a specific task, in which the source code is published for use. This code is created by a group of programmers that make the code and then share it with the community. It is licensed by Open Source Initiative team and is made to serve as an alternative to close source applications.

So, if you are also browsing for open source tools for your next project, read below:

Programming Language


If you write your programs in Java, you can use Eclipse as your environment as it comes with various useful feature like managing the code and classes seamlessly. Its compiler also provides you with the hints to complex syntax problems such as missing header files, error in lines of code, and more.

The Eclipse Foundation supports more than 250+ open source projects, and most of them are related to development.


Cordova is an open source tool that allows developers to write for Android, Ios and Windows using various technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Development Tools

Ruby On Rails

Commonly known as Rails, it is a server-side web application framework that provides you default structures for the database. It facilitates various web standards-HTML, CSS, XML, and also encourages that use of software engineering patterns like- DRY and CoC.

Some of the most popular services on the Internet including- Basecamp, GitHub, Airbnb, and more use Ruby on Rails for their development purposes.


It is an open source control system that is used to handle all type of projects. Many open source projects like Kernel, Linux, Gnome use it, and its other users include-Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Google.


Emacs is an open source, real-time, customizable, and self-documenting display editor. It comes with over 10,000 built-in commands, content editing modes, debugging, full Unicode support, and more.

Lou Shipley, CEO of Black Duck Notes also says that-“Open Source is the way by which applications are developed today.”

If you are planning to develop a website for your app, you can use these open source development tools or go for the tools like SiteSonic. SiteSonic offers you free templates, lets you auto-sync content, and also allows you to launch a hassle-free website.

Moreover, it is free, easy to use, and gives you a completely professional website in the shortest period of time.

5 Alternatives To Stock Google Apps That You Need To Use

If you happen to be out in the market for a new smartphone, then chances are you are likely to choose between an iOS or Android device. Apple fanboys end up buying the latest iPhone, and there is very little thought given to anything else. If you want to do that little bit of extra, then Android is the wiser choice. However, that came with certain drawbacks. You might have had to stick with some preloaded apps that you might not even like. Not anymore! We take a look at some of the Alternatives To Stock Google Apps that can streamline your experience.

Calendar – Cal

Although highly functional, the stock Google Calendar app is just plain dull. Here Any.Do’s ‘Cal’ app perfectly suits the bill. It offers a seamless user experience while maintaining most of the features you would find in the stock app. Additionally, the app has also managed to strike the perfect balance between incredible looks and a clean design.

Drive – Dropbox

We do not have much complains with the Google Drive app, except that it is the cloud storage for everything on your Android device. Now that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, if you like to organize your files then perhaps Dropbox or Box might serve you better.

Duo – Skype

Another app that Google experimented with recently is Google Duo. Skype is one the perfect examples of great Alternatives To Stock Google Apps. The app has been around for way too long and has managed to refine most of the features to near perfection.

Google Fit – Runkeeper


A lot of our friends who happen to be fitness enthusiasts swear by this one. While Google keeps trying to be your preferred choice for most functionalities, there is no denying the fact that some competitors are clearly doing better than the tech giant.

Google Play Music – Spotify

No one needs second guessing with this one. Spotify blows all the competition out of its way with its extensive library of songs. The platform is the preferred choice for music enthusiasts around the world as it features the smallest of the artists.


These were our picks for the best Alternatives To Stock Google Apps that can help you enjoy your Android phone experience. For budding developers, this might serve as the perfect tip to base their apps on mainstream functionality and build more features around it. We strongly recommend you also create a dedicated website for your app via simple tools like SiteSonic.

15 Must-Have iPhone Apps That Will Make Your Life 10x Easier

Contrary to popular belief, an iOS device promises almost identical functionality when compared to an Android device.  We say ‘almost’ because there are still a few features that Apple just won’t let the users access. However, there are a plethora of characteristics that you can add to your iPhone with the help of these 15 Must-Have iPhone Apps.


One of the simple iPhone apps that helps you send and receive money to and from your friends. It connects to your debit card and carries person-to-person transactions.




Splitwise is the perfect app for roommates or merely a group of friends. The app helps you split bills and keep track of your spendings.




Enlight is one of the most powerful photo editing apps on the App Store that maximizes resources from the GPU as well as the CPU.




Sometimes there are random objects in the background of your photos. You can now quickly get rid of them for your Instagram posts through TouchRetouch’s iPhone app.




This one is mainly for the bookworms out there. The app recommends you books based on what you liked in the past and also connects you to multiple book clubs.




Audible is the app that you will want if you like to ‘hear’ your books than to read them.




With OfferUp you can sell (or buy) used items in your home.





Probably one of the best online shopping iPhone apps that connects you directly to manufacturers so you can get clothing, accessories, or kitchen gadgets at affordable prices.



The app lets you watch YouTube videos together with friends while also allowing you to react or comment on videos that your friends share with you.



Tweetbot 4

If you like Twitter but find its interface to be too confusing, then Tweetbot 4 is just the thing you need.




Fan of memes? Well, Ditty completes your sentences with silly slangs, GIFs, and even lyrics from a song as you type.



Coach’s Eye

If you are an athlete, then Coach’s Eye can help you monitor your performance in slow motion.




Duolingo is the best of all language learning iPhone apps since is a lot more fun than its competitors.




Something more of offline navigation maps, it also provides information on the best mode of transport for your journey.



Translate Website Extension

Want to translate web pages into English but not a fan of Chrome? This extension lets you do precisely that but on Safari itself.


These were SiteSonic‘s picks for the 15 Must-Have apps that have made the lives of iPhone users easier.

Top 5 Unique Android Features That App Users Are Getting Crazy About

Unique Android Features

Are you developing an Android app? Well, lots of important considerations go into an app development. And, considering the features of the OS on which the app will run is crucial.

Here are some unique features that app users, these days, expect to do with their mobile applications. Make sure your app and your app website are compatible with all these unique Android features.

Continue reading “Top 5 Unique Android Features That App Users Are Getting Crazy About”