How To Build A Fully Functional Messenger Application?

Messenger Application

From Whatsapp to Facebook Messenger, and a lot more, a messenger application is all the rage these days.

They give us the flexibility to communicate like never before and also allow us to connect beyond the horizons. Moreover, it lets us deliver a swift response and gives you the convenience to stay connected throughout the day.

As these apps are gaining immense popularity, there are many developers who are looking to develop messenger applications to replicate the success. However, success does not come easy and here is how you can build a functional and scalable messenger application.

Basic Step Of Building An App


The first step is to launch a Minimal Viable Product that presents the essential features and grabs their attention.

You can then continue on developing the application based on the user’s feedback. Once you are done, decide on which platforms you want to launch your messenger- Native, Cross-Platform Native, and Hybrid.

Then, you should work for users needs and avoid the monetizing risks.

Consider UX/UI Beforehand

Half of the users judge the app’s reliability on its user interface and design. WhatsApp had a minimalistic approach and served the purpose of their users.

You should go for a simple design, make it feature rich, and should update it from time to time.

Enable VOIP Phone and Video Calls

Voice Over Internet Protocols has the technologies that deliver the voice and video over the Internet Protocol.

It should have the ability of group calls, which can give you an exceptional personal experience without any intermediate connection.

Messenger Application

Cloud Synchronization Services

The cloud synchronization keeps your files up to date in different places. Whether it is your chat history or your media files, everything is updated on the cloud.

This feature comes to use when you use your messenger application from various devices. It also comes to help when you delete the app, lose a phone, or reset the settings.

Well, developing a messenger app is not about making an advanced version of WhatsApp. But it is about making a solution that works for all chat needs.

You can also for the unique features like admin –verified access, user invitation, open access, email digest, push notifications, and more.

Along with the app, it is also important that you have website through which people can contact you, know about the features, and have enhanced access to everything. For building a website, you can refer to various tools like SiteSonic that allows creating a site from free templates and easy to use features.

Building A Website? Consider This Web Performance Checklist!


Are you building a website for your business?

You might have considered everything like images, graphics, videos, and custom fonts to make it look its best. But have you given a thought to load times, page speed, image optimization? They are the parameters that are required for the performance of your website.

There are a lot of developers who have this question on the back of their minds. They also use various tools and practices to optimize the web pages.

But before you go on the tools, here are some tips that will maximize your website’s performance.

Keep Your Website Speed Fast

Be 20% fast than your competitor.

Website conversions are usually dependent on the speed of the website. A delay of a few seconds can either give you a sale or lead to a bounce. For instance- Most of the website pages are of about 1.5 MB, and they require a huge chunk of time to load. Moreover, the time required to provide the interaction by these pages are 10 seconds.

A user simply leaves a website if its load time is more than 3 seconds.

Remove The Unused Code

If you are using CSS frameworks like bootstrap, there is a lot of code that is not used in the website.

Removing the unused code will decrease the size significantly to 90-95%. There is a tool that can also be used to identify the unused CSS- Purge CSS. It comes with CLI, plug-ins, JavaScript, and can be used as a part of the development workflow.

Unused code removal

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Not only for mobile; as a developer, you must optimize your website to its best. However, having a mobile friendly website is important for success in today’s rising digital marketplace. In 2016, mobile transactions were recorded as $123 billion for a business.

Optimize The Images

There are times when our websites get heavy due to the high-density images. Use optimized and proper image size as large images may disrupt your web page load time.

You can also use the various web optimization tools like libvips and imagemin.


Apart from the above factors, consider using a CDN, use cloud-based website monitoring, reduce the number of requests, go for critical path optimization and have an efficient caching strategy. This checklist is essential if you want to convert leads to customers on your website. You can also refer to the tools like SiteSonic that gives you a seamless experience with their auto sync feature, free templates and easy editing.

All You Need To Know About Boosting User Engagement With Push Notifications On Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps seem to be the latest trend among many emerging businesses these days. Features like the Push Notification functionality in particular, make up for a perfect way to engage the users. However, most mobile developers end up abusing the feature so much that it eventually ends up annoying the users. Therefore, we bring you the latest guide that enlightens you about the dos and don’ts when it comes to push notifications on mobile apps.

Allow The Users To ‘Disengage’

The first and foremost thing to ensure is that you never ‘spam’ the users with a notification every other hour. Only important or relevant information to the user goes up on the push notification screen. However, allow the users to opt-out even if you are adhering to the rules. The customers will be able to trust you more once they know that the communication isn’t forced upon them. You are more likely to earn yourself loyal customers when you do that.


Use The Right Tools

You might want to use the recommended tools like Google Analytics to understand the behavior of your users. The Google tool will help you know what triggers the people to opt-out of your notifications and what engages them the most. Once you know what you have been doing right/wrong, you can build up on a better strategy for push notifications on mobile app.

Research Where Your Users Come From

If you happen to be a business that provides its services to a global audience then your app might be present on the smart phones of people across the globe. Never underestimate the role of demographics in your app engagement. You should know when your customers are sleeping and refrain from sending them notifications during that time.

Give More Power To Them

Some of the biggest players in the app space allow the users to choose what type of notifications they receive. The users are also able to silence the notifications for specific hours of the day or completely opt out of ‘marketing’ applications. Once the power is in their hands, they can decide how they prefer to be notified.


These were a few things that you need to keep in mind when implementing the push notifications on mobile apps. Remember to make the right use of the feature so it can help in engaging the users in the most effective manner. Additionally, you might also want to consider creating a dedicated website for your app. Our online platform SiteSonic might make things easier for you on that front.

5 Essential Steps To Develop A Mobile App

If you happen to be a business that is contemplating the idea of having a presence in the app world, then you’ve probably landed at the right place. Several aspects play a crucial role in the success of a mobile application. Therefore, it is imperative for you to hire a professional mobile app developer that can guide you through the process. Before you start with the creative process that it is, take a look at some essential steps to develop a mobile app below:

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Before you get all excited and start discussing creative ideas with your mobile app developer, do not forget to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It will ensure that all the ideas and the information exchanged between you and the developers never leave the room.

Product Specs & Design

It is imperative for both you and the developer team to research extensively for the product. You need to know what your target audience is and what design could engage them better. Each specification of the app should be focused on the audience that the app is meant for.

Project Development Estimate

One of the somewhat overlooked steps to develop a mobile app is the cost estimate. Always discuss the estimated cost of the project with your team of developers. Failing to do that is more likely to take your budget overboard.

Coding and Testing

This is the phase where all the technical stuff happens at the developer’s end. All your creative input is transformed into a visual representation on the screen with the help of efficient coding. The developers must test the app extensively to ensure that there are little to no bugs in the app.


Now it is the time to release your app! However, it takes more than just publishing the app on the Play Store/App Store. You also need to market your app well to ensure that it reaches a broader set of audience.


These steps to develop a mobile app will also keep mobile app developers on the safer legal ground. One important aspect that plays an essential role in the success of a mobile app is its marketing. Experts believe that building a dedicated website for your mobile app can tremendously benefit you on this front. Our tool SiteSonic can prove to be one of the easiest ways to get one for your mobile app.

Why You Have To Market Your App Before Releasing?

app pre-launch marketing benefits

Thousands of mobile apps hit major app stores each day. Within the first quarter of 2018, around 6,140 mobile apps were released through Google Play store every day. Such a staggering figure!

So, how will you make your app stand out in overcrowded app stores and make it get the attention it truly deserves? MARKETING is the obvious answer.

However, one thing that many app developers fail to realize is the significance of app pre-launch marketing. In fact, you should start marketing your app even before it’s an idea in your mind.

Here is why a smart and well-executed app pre-launch marketing is critical for the success of your mobile app.

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Master CTAs With These Time-Tested Tips

Tips for CTA

When people visit your website, you expect them to take action.

You want them to shop at your store, share your blog post, or sign up for your newsletters.

But how do you achieve that?

Encouraging your visitors to take the desired action on your website is challenging unless you have an impressive and compelling call-to-action button.

Here are some proven tips for CTA button for your web pages for a high conversion rate.

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