5 Mantras For A Successful Blog

Setting up a blog is easy. But, the real challenge is how to create a SUCCESSFUL blog!

In this post, we are going to share top five blogging tips that will make your blog a hit on the web.

Post Unique Content

Unique content doesn’t mean using irrelevant content or vocabulary in your posts. Instead, a unique post is one that provides a solution to the problems of your readers. Your posts must be interesting, relevant and free from grammatical errors and plagiarism.

Don’t use monotonous tones! Instead, use conversational and friendly tone in your content to make your posts engaging and legible smoothly. Never copy or paste content from other blogs. Curate your own content based on real experiences and real people.

Keep Titles Catchy

Your title is the first impression of your post. It can make or break your posts. People will start reading your blog only if they find the title interesting.

So, make sure you use short, actionable, interesting, and relevant titles about the topic.

As a rule of thumb, keep the title less than 10 words.

Also, don’t forget to include your targeted keywords in your title making sure it looks natural.

blogging tips

Allow Comments

Comments engage your readers with your blog posts. They allow your blog readers to communicate with you and create a viral effect.

Comments take time to monitor and respond to. Also, you may have to deal with negative comments quite often. Be ready for everything. If you are getting comments on your posts, it means that people are reading and engaging with your content.

However, if you don’t allow comments on your blog, readers won’t find a way to communicate with you regarding what interests them.

Additionally, post comments on relevant industry blogs to raise the visibility and credibility of your blog on the internet.

Incorporate Internal Linking

Internal linking involves providing links to related posts within your content that is helpful to your readers. Internal linking deepens the overall value of your blog.

Create enough content on your blog and create text links with diluted anchors. Don’t use keywords in your anchor text.

Add links to deep pages on your blog and use links that will that seems to be interesting to your readers. Topical relevancy is also important as it bolsters the authority of both linked pages.

Experts suggest using 3 to 10 internal links per post.

Be Social

blogging tips

Social media is the backbone of every successful blog. Talk about your blog by establishing meaningful links with other bloggers in your niche. Post your content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Feature links to other bloggers on your blog which will put you on their radar.

Make a community of readers for your blog by asking interesting questions and polls in your posts. Solicit feedback, hold contests and giveaways to encourage people’s involvement in your blog.

And, the list of blogging tips stacks up. But, if you stick to the mantras discussed above, you’ll definitely witness a drastic improvement in followers and shares on your blog.

Good luck, bloggers!

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