6 Worst Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

You are experienced enough to build a website, but the challenge is to make it usable. A site is what gives you a platform to present your business online. It must be able to interact with the users and customers.

design mistakes to avoid

However, some designers, especially new one, commit a lot of mistakes that make their website hard to comprehend for the users. If you are designing a website, make sure you know about the elements of good web design.

  • It must highlight the message of the site.
  • It should be usable and readable for every user.
  • A well-designed site must focus on its goals.

The mistakes that you should avoid while designing a website are:

No Search Box

It is comfortable to browse through a site when it is new. But over the years, it gets accumulated with a lot of content. The visitors don’t always want to read the latest content. If there’s no search box on your site, a user may not be able to get the information he is looking for.

Unnecessary Clutter on Home Page

A website begins on its homepage. If it is filled with useless information, it may not entice the visitors. The odds are that they’ll leave the site without visiting any other page. It hurts the metrics and reputation of a website. You need to keep it clean and arranged for the users.

Daunting Navigation

Imagine browsing a site where you can’t navigate through the content and pages easily. It might force you to close it and move on to another site. Similarly, other users think the same way. Web designing is all about ease of users, so you must focus on it.

Dark Patterns

This one is as crucial as any other parameter. You may have heard that these dark patterns help you earn a lot of profits. The reality, however, is that it is all short-term. You lose the trust of your visitors because of them and eventually lose them.

web design mistakes

Lots of Font Styles

We are now on the typography of the site. Irrespective of the purpose and niche of your site, you must never use more than three font style for the content. It severely affects the readability of the site, something that cannot be ignored. A user will only stay on your site if it does not hurt his vision.

It does not work on mobile devices

Face the fact that a website is going nowhere if it does not work on the mobile devices. The importance of mobile-friendly sites has increased with the surge in the number of people using mobile phones to surf the internet. Not only does the speed matter, but the functionality and visuals play a role as well.


To bring business through a site, you need to make it user-friendly. Although not much of it is not in your control when you use website builders like SiteSonic, you get steamily better results. Also, don’t forget to add convincing, and not forcing, call-to-action buttons.

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