What is Atomic Web Design and Why Do You Need It?

The design community has to use quite a lot of frameworks, techniques, and approaches to pace to deliver according to the needs. However, every designer has his preferences. Some work in a top-down way, while others use the fundamental elements to complete the job. One such technique is using the atomic web design.

atomic web design

Atomic Design is nothing but a framework which makes it more comfortable to manage the significant products. Besides, it can be referred to as a design methodology as well. Either way, the core principles remain the same. The prime focus of using an atomic design is to enhance the efficiency of the team.

The process of Atomic Web Design

  • Just like the atoms are building blocks of a molecule in chemistry, they are the foundational blocks of the web pages. They entail the most basic HTML elements like buttons, labels, inputs, and many more. The point here is that nothing can break them into pieces.
  • When a number of atoms are combined, they make a molecule. The molecules in web design are used to complete the desired function. An example here is an image header containing a title label.
  • A more complex element of the design is an organism. Organisms are created when some simple user interface elements combine. In web design, they are used as distinct patterns.
  • These organisms combine to make templates, which then work in unison to create some page-level objects. Templates are used to articulate the structure of a design.

atomic design

Why use Atomic Web Design

There have to be some features that make something worth using. Atomic web design has a couple of them for you.

Mix & Match

With this technique, you can break down the complex components into basic atoms. This makes it possible to see which parts of the site can be used again. You can also mix and match them with other molecules and organisms.

Simple Layout

The interface in atomic web design is easier to understand. Not just writing the code, but is easier to understand it in the future as well. With this one, you don’t even have to worry about the duplicate codes. Simply put, even a new developer can understand the code base without any issues.

Prototyping is rapid

It is more comfortable for the designers to mock up page if they have atoms before they begin. One has to do nothing more than combining essential elements in the start. Then, later on, designers can easily refine and customize the site.

Final Words

The designing techniques evolve with time, and designers have to learn and implement them to improve their productivity. Atomic web design is one of the approaches makes it a little easier for the designers to come up with the desired results. However, if you do not know how to code, you can still build a website by using the likes of SiteSonic. They help you create a site through drag-and-drop mode.

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