Why You Have To Market Your App Before Releasing?

Thousands of mobile apps hit major app stores each day. Within the first quarter of 2018, around 6,140 mobile apps were released through Google Play store every day. Such a staggering figure!

So, how will you make your app stand out in overcrowded app stores and make it get the attention it truly deserves? MARKETING is the obvious answer.

However, one thing that many app developers fail to realize is the significance of app pre-launch marketing. In fact, you should start marketing your app even before it’s an idea in your mind.

Here is why a smart and well-executed app pre-launch marketing is critical for the success of your mobile app.

app pre-launch marketing benefits

Marketing your app on social media before launch helps you to:

  • Create a buzz around your app
  • Create anticipation for the actual launch of the mobile app
  • Initiate a conversation for your product among your target audience
  • Create a quality list of potential app users who have shown an interest in the solution offered by your new app

Initiating a conversation about your to-be-launched app offers many benefits, such as:

  • Building credibility in the market if the pre-launch marketing content is well-written and relevant to the target audience
  • Collecting requirements and suggestions from the target audience and tweaking your app accordingly
  • Helping you in crafting a marketing message in the language of your audience

To sum up, a well-done app pre-launch marketing helps grow the know-like-trust factor between your app and its potential users.

app pre-launch marketing benefits

Now, since you’re convinced with the significance of marketing your app before its release, you may ask –

What’s the right strategy for app pre-launch marketing?

First, get a website for your mobile app. A mobile-friendly micro-site for your app serves as a credible marketing platform for your app and helps spread it to the masses.

Good news! Creating a mobile app website doesn’t require you to be a coding geek. SiteSonic is an excellent tool to create a website for your app.   Whether you want to create a landing page, a micro-site or a fully-featured website for your app, SiteSonic app website builder caters to all your needs.

App Pre-Launch Marketing Strategies

# Engage Potential Users on Social Media

Social media is the best place to reach more and more audience. Make sure you always answer feedback and suggestions positively and take time to thank your social media followers for reading and sharing your content.

app pre-launch marketing benefits

# Start Blogging about The App

Blogging on your app website is an excellent way to grow your fan base and promote your app. Create unique and interesting content for your app using targeted keywords.

# Create a Sneak Peek for Your App

Sneak peeks engage viewers by introducing something new and interesting. Sneak peeks are like the trailer of a movie. People watch the movie only if they like the movie. Use screenshots of your app, videos and text in sneak peeks to introduce your app.

The size of your mobile app launch hardly matters. The benefits of app pre-launch marketing are so compelling that the launch naturally becomes effective. Keep in mind; a great pre-launch marketing strategy is a part of every excellent product launch management plan.

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