All You Need to Know about NoSQL Database

The designing of NoSQL database technology is not relational and stores the data for extensive scale data requirements. The example is like Facebook and other social media profiles as it accommodates data in Terabits every day for the million users. There is no schema and no joints that are fixed with this tool.


The approach of the NoSQL database entails a vast diversity of technologies of the database that are developed in response to the modern applications.

Types of NoSQL database technology

Following are the kinds of NoSQL database:

  • Key value store is one of the NoSQL database tools or models that is relevant for the storage needs. It allows clients to read and write values.
  • Document store is another tool that is usable for the compressing the collected data as a document. It offers some structure and encoding of the managed data.
  • Column store is also the type of NoSQL database technology which helps in storing the data in cells grouped in data columns as data rows.
  • Graph base is the flexible graphical representation and scalability concerns are identifiable.

Benefits of NoSQL database technology

If you want to know more, then continue reading the benefits of NoSQL that are as:

  • Elastic scales and taking advantage of new nodes is one of the main benefits of NoSQL database technology.
  • NoSQL database efficiently can manage the burden of big data, and the users don’t have to worry.
  • NoSQL database technology uses the affordable servers hence storing, and processing of the data is effortless with the approach.

Questions you need to consider before choosing NoSQL database technology

Before the integration of NoSQL database, it is vital for you considering specific questions so that you don’t have to encounter issues later. For your enhanced understanding, the following are the questions:

  • Do you think you are ready to take up the cost of training for your developers or system admins?
  • What is your data transaction type? What level of transaction support do you require?
  • Do you require web or high scalability?
  • Is NoSQL database solution helping you in saving money?
  • Do you require attracting venture capital?
  • Are you recruiting start-up mentality people?
  • What kind of technology your customers are using?
  • Do you expect many changes in your database schema?
  • Do you intend for using NoSQL database for personal satisfaction?

So, make sure considering all of these questions before turning to NoSQL database so that better results are achievable.

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