Accelerated Mobile Pages- Things you should know about it

Google, in collaboration with Twitter, had launched a project called accelerated mobile pages or AMP. The purpose for this project was to promote the optimization of sites for the mobile devices. In its official blog post, Google mentioned that it wants publishers to create the content rich webpages for the mobile devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Why was accelerated mobile pages project launched in the first place?

Behind the project is the surge in number of users using mobile devices to browse the internet. The sites that were not mobile friendly took quite a lot of time to load on a mobile phone. This affects the users’ experience, and eventually the sites’ analytics.

How does it enhance the Loading Speed of the Sites?

It prioritizes the loading elements in a viewport so one can see a webpage on any device without scrolling. Users interact with the AMP webpage on the Google servers because that is where they are rendered. This means that they are all available on the Google cache. Even if it saves a couple of milliseconds, the loading time does come down at the end.

Benefits of AMPs

They help you improve the ranking of your site. This is because satisfied people will stay on your webpage for a considerable period. And if they find the content they are looking for, odds are that those users will navigate between several pages on the site.

All this brings down the bounce rate pogo sticking effect of the site. Let us circle around these benefits one after another.

Speed attracts the Users

Any webpage that loads quickly on the web attracts more users than the ones that take forever to open. Yes, the quality of content on the site does matter, but it would go unnoticed if the site does not load in time.


Increases the Browser Visibility

One can easily identify the AMP sites by looking at its symbol on the search engine result page. The symbol is a thunder flash in a green circle. And it helps the website gain more traffic because people prefer the sites that load faster, and let them browse without any difficulty.

Improves Search Engine Rankings

Although Google has not made it a ranking factor, it indirectly improves the ranking of site by pushing the conversions. AMP sites load faster than the other ones, and they work closely with the mobile devices.


AMP is a fabulous thing, and it is slowly becoming common. Of course, anything that makes you meet the Google’s standards in regard to user experience is a promising project.

Although not so popular currently, it is going to be an influential project over the time. When it comes to generating revenues, no one misses do pursue technology.

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