5 World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs Inspired By Their Fathers

The father-child relationship is not just about care, but also about how to be happy and successful in life. A Father is the first teacher and influencer in the life of every child.

In honour of Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, we’re going to share inspiring stories of world’s popular entrepreneurs who credit their success to their loving fathers.

Richard Branson – Founder of the Virgin Group

Richard Branson

Branson’s first hero was his dad.

“Isn’t life wonderful?”

These three words of Richard’s father, Edward James Branson, changed the entire outlook of the serial entrepreneur in the world. Branson says these three words are enough to inspire anyone.

A self-made billionaire, Richard, controls more than 60 international businesses and his net-worth is estimated to be $5.1 billion.

Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft Corporation

Bill Gates

The Microsoft co-founder says that he aspires to be a man like his father.

William H. Gates Sr. is the author of the book Showing up for Life and a founding partner at Preston Gates & Ellis law firm.

His father always encouraged him to do things he was bad at, which exposed Gates to leadership opportunities.

Alexis Ohanian – Founder of Reddit

Alexis Ohanian

Alexis’ father, Chris Ohanian, was a travel agent. He started his travel agency during the first technology boom.

Alexis says his father proven to him the value of favouring the right side of the world’s huge shift to the technology world.

It is his father who developed Alexis’ love for the internet. Dinner table talks with his father made him realise the power of the internet and inspired him to create the popular website – Reddit.

Tory Burch – Founder of Tory Burch

Tory Burch

Tory Burch’s fashion inspiration started at an early age. She would constantly watch her dad design his own suits and daily clothing.

Tory’s father, Ira Earl Robinson, was very creative in his outfit designs. He even knew how to pair his suit jackets in style with Hermes scarves. A wealthy investor and owner of a paper cup company, his father, could have afforded a designer to stock his wardrobe for him. But he loved designing clothing and this passion for fashion industry was gradually passed on to adolescent Tory.

Known for his eponymous fashion brand, Tory Burch says she learned almost everything about style and life from her dad. Her father always motivated her to be kind and nice to others, regardless of who they are.

Mark Zuckerberg – Founder of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg created his first messenger, ZuckNet, using Atari BASIC when he was just about 12. His Father, Edward Zuckerberg, taught him Atari BASIC Programming.  Zucknet connected several computers to each other which allowed message transfer between his house and his father’s dental office.

His father installed the messenger on his PC in the office, which enabled his receptionist to inform him when a patient arrived at the clinic.

Mark enjoyed developing games and communication tools. Impressed by his son’s interest and passion for technology, Edward Zuckerberg hired a computer tutor, David Newman, to give his son private lessons.

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