5 Tips To Show Your Code On Screen

Are you not able to decipher the code on screen? Well, whether you are building an application or getting it developed, a developer will eventually show you some code.

The display of code includes showcasing different commands on the programming terminal. There are chances that the viewer will sit at a distance, the viewing conditions are different or don’t know about the language. Irrespective of what the viewing scenario is, here is how you can show your code on the screen.

Code on screen

Use A Simple Syntax Highlighting Style

If you want the viewer to get an understanding of the code, use a highlighting syntax style that will let him recognize at one go.

To make the code more viewable, use black text on a bright background. But make sure that you don’t use dark fonts on a dark backdrop, bright shades on white background and dark on a dark background.

After all, it is better not having a highlight than having a good one.

Highlight The Current Code

The code is a collection of parameters and can wobble a person who has little or no understanding of same.

One of the best approaches to show code highlights the line that is being displayed. And in case, if you are live coding on screen, this approach will help you to keep viewers on the track.

Consider The Code Presentation As A Presentation

When you are presenting a code, you will have to prepare for a proper presentation. You cannot make slides or using different media, but make sure you prepare well enough with your color schemes, font size, and more.

Use A Block Cursor

To enhance the visibility of code, use a block cursor with a low blink rate. So, whether you are refactoring during the code or not, a block cursor will keep you and the viewer on the same page.

Code on screen

Use The Line Numbers

Every programming terminal comes with the line numbers. You can use them and keep the viewers along with you, as show your code on screen.

In case, if they lose the track, all you need to tell them is a line number to get back.

But make sure you remember that the code viewing conditions are not the same when you are viewing alone or looking at someone’s code. However, if you don’t prefer to code, you can use the various tools such as SiteSonic and use their free templates to launch a hassle-free website.

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