5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Progressive Web App

In this era of mobility, more businesses are now venturing into having an app developed. Being your app developed is a necessity nowadays. Also, people are on their smart phones 24/7 and not having an app for your business can have a negative impact on your sales. Various types of apps can help escalate your business, but today more people are gravitating towards Progressive Web Apps.

However, not everyone is familiar with PWAs. So, in this article, we’ll be discussing some benefits of PWAs and why your business needs one right now.


The cost of developing a Progressive Web App is much cheaper than developing a native app. As PWA is a web-based app, it doesn’t have to meet the standards of Apple and Android Play Store. Also, native apps require to be developed for both Android and iOS devices and are quite expensive.

PWA can be developed at a reasonable price without compromising with the functionality of the app. It also helps the business to generate better ROI.

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Offline Abilities

In an area of poor or low internet connection, a normal website won’t work. PWA, however, works fine in these kinds of situations. Since PWAs use cached data from previous online activities, these apps can work offline.

Moreover, these apps will also work when the server itself is dead. So, having PWAs can increase user retention and engagement. Letting users stay on your web page can lead to a better conversion rate.

Push Notifications

A Progressive Web App can send push notifications. This allows you to interact with the app easily and offer a fantastic user experience. It will also make users not forget about your app and use it more often. Keeping users informed about the changes in the app they’ve installed has a positive effect on overall user experience.

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No Downloading Required

PWAs launch directly from a browser, like a website and hence it doesn’t need to be uploaded on App Store or Play Store. You can also add it to your home screen with one click for fast opening in the future. It results in an icon on the user’s screen, which in turns enhances your brand recognition. This also saves the time and cost to promote the app.

With lesser steps to start interacting with your app, it improves user experience and encourages them to begin using Progressive Web Apps.

Great For SEO

Progressive Web App is a great SEO factor that boosts the searchability and accessibility of your app. PWAs load fast. And, as faster loading web pages receive a ranking boost; this factor has a significant impact on search engine rankings. With this speed, your app will be indexed quickly, and it increases the user experience that adds to the SEO strategy. You can also add PWAs to your existing strategy and get a better rank in search engines.

Progressive Web Apps have many advantages for your business and users. Also, if you already have an app and want a website developed for your business, you can contact online tools such as SiteSonic that delivers hassle-free website in no time.

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