5 Ingredients of a Killer Website Design

There is no denying that having a significant online presence is crucial for your business success.

Whether you are a small business owner or own an established one, your website (with good design) is one of the important tools that you should have in your arsenal to get potential leads and customers.

So what makes a website great?

Functionality? Ease of use? Call to action? Speed? Yes! Along with this, it should feature an eye-catching design, optimized images, and well-written content.

While every designer has a different plan when it comes to creating a website design, here are five main ingredients that you should consider.

Design Should Be Responsive and Fast

According to a Forrester research, “A well-designed interface increases the website conversion rate by 200% and a good UX design can take it up to 400%.

Responsive means that website should look same, whether it is viewed on mobile, smartphone or a tablet. To ensure the responsiveness, it is best to design it for mobile and then tweak it for the desktop for proper functioning.

You can make the load time effective by sizing and scaling the images, combining the code into JS or CSS file, and by minimizing the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Keep The Navigation Easy

Your website should be easy to navigate, and all your services should be easily accessible from the homepage.

To keep the navigation easy, keep fewer menus and make use of a detailed sitemap. The easier it is for people to go through the site, the longer they will interact with it.

Have Freshly Brewed Content

Content is the King. And, we cannot say NO to this!

But if you add too much material to it, the reader may not read full information and may or may not skip the essential message. However, if it’s less, Google may not rank it.

It’s not necessary to have lots of information, but the content you write should be fresh, updated, and should present the most important details.

Consider User Experience and Interface

Whenever you design a website or get it designed, consider the target audience and their user experience. If the leads are coming to your site and are not sure of what you’re offering, it’s time that you optimize the overall design of your website. Ensure that the fonts, text size, and content are in-line with the user’s needs and gives them an excellent experience.

Don’t Forget To Update It Regularly

Refresh your website often to stay at the top.

Share things like photos, videos and other multimedia content regularly to improve SEO ranking and to enhance your web presence. Don’t always focus on changing or adding new pages or content. Instead keep on updating blogs, photos, customer’s testimonials, and press releases to show customers that you are active and are aware of their needs.


Building a website that is functional and appealing is not an overwhelming task.

So have you got a website that needs to be improved or optimized? Or, are you planning to build a website from scratch? Regardless of the purpose, the above ingredients will surely help your website to stand out in no time.

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