3 Reasons Why Your App Needs Beta Testing

Beta testing is an essential phase of the software development cycle. It improves performance, security, stability, and reliability – all resulting in advanced user experience. Apart from these, beta testing has many more benefits that you might not know about. Let’s have a look at some more advantages of beta testing and how it can take the user experience to another level.


Beta testing allows the testers and developers to evaluate the overall experience from user’s point of view. It helps in ensuring that all the functionality of your website or your app meets the requirements while maintaining its quality.

beta testing

Beta testing makes sure that all the features are working according to the need of the customers. Developers need to maintain both the quality and functionality of the app simultaneously as too much of functionality can affect the user experience and quality.

Bug Fixing

Bug Fixing is one of the most significant advantages of beta testing. It quickly detects the bug and helps you fix them. As, the first impression is the last impression and once a user gets annoyed of odd behavior of the app, he never comes back. So, it’s better to discover the bugs before your users.

Moreover, beta testing allows developers to detect bugs introduced by earlier fixing and changes. According to the strict guidelines of the App Store, your app could take a while before submission. And, nothing is more dreading than your app making it to the App Store and still has some bugs in it. App Store can reject your app due to these bugs.


There is a major difference in the performance of app in a controlled environment and the real world. Beta testing can get a benchmark performance of your app. Testers will use your app in various environments on a wide variety of devices and analyze its speed and performance. These tests cannot be conducted in the labs as the performance of the app depends on a variety of factors. So, the only way to study the performance of your app is by testing it in the real world.beta testing

Apart from these major benefits, Beta Testing also helps you to get the real usage pattern of the app. As every user is different, developers can re-design the app for better usability based on user’s feedback and usage. Also, if you want to build a website for your mobile app, you can contact various online tools like SiteSonic that can help you create a hassle-free website in no time.

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